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Davis Security Camera Installers Call: (916) 672-2660 If like so many other Davis CA home and business owners you have found your self in need of a surveillance camera system installation or service in Davis then give Mr. Security Camera of Davis a call. We are equipped to provide a quality camera system at an […]

Wireless IP Camera

Remote Monitoring with Wireless IP Camera

What is a Wireless IP Camera?

IP cameras go by many different names. You may hear them referred to as “Internet Camera or “network cameras”, “internet protocol” cam, or “webcam.” Whatever you decide to call it, an IP camera is a cam that sends and receives data over a local area network (LAN) and/or the internet.

For more information and a free consultation on IP Camera’s call Mr Security Camera (916) 672-2660

Commercial Security Camera

Commercial Security Camera

How Can I See What’s Happening in My Home or Office When I’m Away?

It has become very easy to check in on your children or their nanny from your desk at work. To be able monitor your business from home on your laptop, all in real time. Wireless IP Cameras allow you to connect through to the internet and remotely view streaming video from just about web browser around the world. Once your home security system is set up, the only requirement for its functionality is Internet access. You can monitor multiple video Webcams or DVRs from a single tablet or smartphone.

Some IP cameras require a physical connection via cable, while others are wireless and transmit their data via radio frequency (RF) signals or over your Wi-Fi network.

IP cameras are basically mini computers with sophisticated optics built in to them. Internet Cameras come with their own built in software and just need to be configured to your network in order to function. The network configuration is fairly simple process for most devices; generally the set up is no more complex than configuring your Wi-Fi network. While some models do require a good knowledge of Internet technology to get them running. Many cameras now also come with their own apps, which make viewing and recording video on the internet even easier.

Many internet cameras look like traditional security cams, but consumers these days demand hidden cameras (nanny cams) with webcam capabilities. IP cameras are now hidden in a wide array of forms, from a book to a clock radio to a DVD player.

IP Camera Installation

Does My Computer Need to be Turned On To Use an Internet Camera?

Generally no, but it depends on the type of camera and it is set up. When you are using a Personal Computer as a network access point, instead of connecting directly to the network from the camera then the PC will need to remain on.

What is the Difference Between a Standard Webcam and a PTZ Internet Camera?

PTZ is an abbreviation for Pan, Tilt and Zoom. PTZ cameras can be controlled and viewed by various users. Just like a standard network camera, but it has the ability to be moved remotely. Unlike a traditional fixed camera a PTZ allows a user to adjust the camera’s view as needed.


Do I Need to Purchase Additional Software to Use An Internet Camera?

This can vary by the camera. Most IP Cameras will come with necessary software required to configure and operate your camera. Most of the time they include recording software. Some also include more advanced features, like the ability to view multiple camera viewing and send text/email motion alerts.

If your camera does not include the features you need, there are many NVR (Network Video Recorder) programs are available for purchase to add other capabilities.

Remote Monitoring with Wireless IP Camera

How Does an IP Camera Work?

Instead of transmitting data over a cable to a DVR or Monitor, a Webcam transmits digital video over a wired or wireless data connection. Everything that is required to transfer images and/or sound over your network is built into the unit. The Internet camera is connected directly to the network, just like other network devices. Depending on the type of camera you have it may save video to an attached memory card or drive, stream captured video to the internet, connect to another device on your network for storage.

An IP camera captures images just like any digital camera. Its different because of its ability to compress files and transmit them to a network. If your building is equipped with a network, the required infrastructure is in place to install Internet Cameras. If you are adding one or a multiple cameras, you may use a decentralized network camera, that has its own control interface and storage built in. When Mr Security Camera is installing multiple network cameras we usually use a centralized network camera which requires a (NVR) Network Video Recorder .

A Network Video Recorder is a program that stores video and/or audio from network cameras and allow you to view multiple cameras at the same time. It is similar to a DVR, but NVR needs the cameras to encode the video. The NVR simply stores data allowing for centralized remote viewing. Network Video Recording software is installed on an existing device and sometimes a dedicated device with its own operating system. Hybrid systems exist which are available that can accept both analog and IP inputs. These systems will usually allow analog cameras to be viewed remotely as well as network cameras.

What’s a Static IP Address and Why Do I Need It?

When a device is on a network, you access it by entering the IP (Internet Protocol) address into any web browser. (ISPs) Internet service providers supply a dynamic IP address to almost everyone. A dynamic IP address is just like a phone number that adjusts every time a device disconnects, while a static IP address never changes.

Only a ISP can provide you with a Static or Dynamic IP address and they typically charge a monthly service fee for a Static IP. In order for you to obtain constant access to your Internet Cameras you will need a Static IP address. If your ISP is unable to give you a static IP, there are also third party services are able to provide a virtual Static IP address. Most are free to use, and a simple internet search will provide a multitude of options.

Commercial Alarm System Installation

Commercial Alarm System Installation

MR Security Camera offers the complete solution for any commercial application. From a simple storefront intrusion to fire and burglary systems that integrate complete video and access control for factories, financial, large retail and complex warehouse distribution centers.

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Our commercial wireless or wired solutions can create new opportunities for your business and provide your customers with a life protection system that can be installed with next to no interruption to your business. Call Mr Security Camera today (916)672-2660.

The business security solutions we offer include:

Night Vision CameraEven with advanced equipment today, many cameras do not provide the best quality in video at night. Since most burglaries or intrusions happen at night or when its dark, it only makes sense to get cameras that are quality enough to provide a clear picture day or night. For information on Night Vision Camera Installations call (916) 672-2660

Commercial Security Camera Systems

Commercial Security Camera installation Sacramento ca

Wireless DVR Camera

Running wires is a typical way to install a surveillance system. However with advances in technology security cameras are able to transmit to a recording device. This makes for a more simple installation process. Call us today for a free estimate.

Remote Monitoring System

When installing a surveillance system it can be incredibly convenient to be able to monitor that system from anywhere. Its a very simple task today to be able to integrate your recording device into a network and access it remotely from anywhere that has internet access, via Smart Phone Tablet.

Remote monitoring Camera View your security cameras on your Mobile device. Apple or Android
Security Consultations sacramento, Ca

Security Consultation

There are a plethora of variables to consider when thinking about the best way to secure your belongings. It is very easy to go overboard and end up with more functions then necessary or leave your self inadequately secured. For a consultation on the best system for your needs call us today.

Surveillance System

One of the more common ways to secure a home or business these days is to install a surveillance system which consists of security cameras that transmit video and audio to a recording device allowing you to review anything that goes on in your home or place of business. If something comes up missing or your home or business has been vandalized you can now review the video and be able to provide evidence to the authorities.

 surveillance systems sacramento ca
Tamper Proof Cameras sacramento ca

Tamper Proof Camera

As crime rates rise, so have peoples desire to improve the ways that they secure themselves. Now that surveillance systems have become more affordable, more and more people have started to have them installed. The problem is security cameras themselves are fairly valuable. So many business have seen a rise in the theft of there security cameras. Fairly ironic yes, however it can be rather frustrating. There are systems and hardware that you can install to prevent the tampering with of your surveillance system. If you are concerned that your surveillance system is not secure, call us today for more information.

Digital Video Recorder

DVR or Digital Video Recorder is a device that stores video or audio on a hard drive. Depending on the size of the hard drive you can store up to several months of  video on a DVR, which becomes very convenient when needing to recall events from weeks or months before.

DVR Security System Installations Sacramento california
Wireless DVR cctv Camera Installation sacramento ca

DVR Security Camera

Many homeowners and business owners a like have realized that VCR systems have become ineffective when it comes to a Security Camera SystemVCR‘s are cumbersome and VHS tapes take up way to much space. Especially when you are trying to store enough information to review video from 3 months before. DVR Security Camera Systems allow you to store several weeks or months for later reviewing.

Hidden Camera

Whether you have a business or a home you qualify for a hidden camera. If you have dishonest people in your home or shop, they will play nice if they know there are eyes on them. If that element is taken away and person thinks that they are completely alone, this is when you find out the true character of a person. This is when you find out whether or not you have a quality nanny working with your children, or a quality employee working closely with one of your most important assets.

Hidden Camera Installations Sacramento ca
Alarm System Installations Sacramento

Alarm System

Alarm systems are essentially the same as they have always been. An intruder enters your home or business and an alarm sounded. One of the first stages of evolution for this type of system was the ability for your system to “communicate” with local authorities and inform the necessary parties that a home or business has an intruder. Since that evolutionary change things have come along way. Its pretty easy to overdue it on your system and leave you with more functions then necessary. Call us today for a free consultation on a system that best fits your needs.

Audio Video Display

Audio and Video display equipment has come a long way over the last 10 years. Its incredibly affordable for the average Joe to afford a home theater system. But this equipment can be confusing and intimidating if you are not familiar with the installation of such a system. For some help on choosing the best solution for you. Call Mr. Security Camera!

Audio Video Display Installations Sacramento California
Night Vision Camera Installations sacramento

Video surveillance systems

That lets you check in on your employees and your business when you’re away from operations.

Home Theater and Media

With flat-screens reaching sizes of over 60” its becoming more and more popular to bring the theater experience to your home. We can’t help you with the popcorn, but we can provide you with the best media experience of your life. Look to us for a free consultation on the best equipment to use for your particular scenario and living space. If you’re thinking about investing in your entertainment experience, call us today and we will make sure that you get the best system for your buck!

Home Theater and Media Center Installations Sacramento
Nanny Camera Installations sacramento

Nanny Cam Installations

Anyone with a child finds out almost immediately that when you leave your children in the hands of another person it tugs on your nerves all day. Since its the most important aspect of your life, you deserve a little extra confidence in the well being of your little ones. If you have a nanny coming over to your home to take care of your little ones. Be certain that they are teaching them the life lessons that you hold valuable and are not mis treating them. For the extra confidence, call us today for information on Nanny Cam Installations.

Monitored burglar alarms 

Complete with fire and carbon monoxide detection in order to  save you and your employees critical time in the event of an emergency.

Mobile Solutions 

That will allow you to control your security system from your smartphone or any computer.

Today, your business can not afford to be without a custom commercial alarm system installation In order to adequately protect your employees and business, the security system must be sophisticated enough to quickly detect any danger. From fire and smoke, carbon monoxide and threats from external or even worse internal theft. Without a complete security system, the potential loss of business assets or lives can be devastating, resulting in weeks or  months of downtime, and in the worst case scenario, closing your doors.

Investing in a custom commercial security system from Mr Security Camera far outweighs these potential losses. We create a customized solution that will exceed your expectations and minimizing your costs. In order to meet the needs of your business today, while preparing for the events of tomorrow.
For a custom estimate on Commercial Alarm Systems contact Mr Security Camera at (916) 672-2660 today.

Surveillance System Installations

Hidden Camera Installations Sacramento ca

Do I need a Surveillance System Installation?

What is a Surveillance System Installation?  

Surveillance System Installations – Imagine being anywhere in the world and having “eyes in the back of your head” or ears that hear what others do not. What if you could “see through walls”, or see in the dark? Imagine being able to do it without anyone noticing. It wouldn’t make you a super hero; it would just mean that you were intelligent enough to invest in a surveillance system.

If you have invested in a Camera System you’re ahead of the curve and are already recording, saving and remembering anything and everything that happens in or around your home or business. When you install one of our surveillance systems, you will have taken one of the first steps in protecting your way of life. By integrating a security system with surveillance equipment you will maximize your defense against those that would try to threaten your security.

For more information on a complete installation of a Surveillance System Call Mr Security Camera (916) 672-2660.

 surveillance system sacramento ca

Who needs a surveillance system installed?

Family Surveillance Systems

If you have a family, then you have more to lose than anyone. You have worked hard to attain your property and life style. And you have children that you cherish more than anything in the world. It only makes sense to add as much security to your kingdom as possible. You can see what’s going on at your home while you’re away. It will never again be a concern of whether or not your Nanny is influencing  your children the way they should be. With the installation of a CCTV surveillance system you will be protecting your precious items from burglars, intruders and other threats to you and your families’ security.


Small Businesses and Surveillance

If you own a small business ,  you are in a position to lose everything, since you are  not a corporation that can lose thousands of dollars without flinching. All it takes is a few big losses in a month and you end up looking at the books wondering what happened and how you’re going to catch up. The smaller you are the more you need to protect your business and assets. Imagine being able to sit pool side at your home  and rely on a Surveillance System to display all aspects  of your business all the way down to the POS. That’s right keep track of your Point Of Sale with a surveillance system. Keep your employees honest and thief’s under the radar and traceable. Imagine being able to record and track the license plates of every individual that drives into your parking lot. Or being able to hand over a clear picture of a perp and evidence of his/her dishonesty to your local law enforcement. It reduces the risk of loss to your business and increases your confidence in being a business owner.  Call us today for a free estimate on a surveillance system installation and take the first step in protecting yourself.

surveillance cameras sacramento


Large Corporations Surveillance Systems

If you own a large corporation you have probably experienced several losses since the day you started your business, from bad investments down to the stealing of office supplies by your employees. Imagine being able to record every moment with a surveillance system and go back and “remember” everything with crystal clear clarity.  Large corporations are usually the first to experience break-ins, embezzlement and theft. As a large corporation you stand to lose a lot of money and in many cases, without even realizing it until after it’s too late. Call us “Mr. Security Camera” for a free estimate and a custom Surveillance System Installation. Start protecting your self today and reduce the possibility of anything catastrophic happening to your business.

Medical Facilities Surveillance Systems

A medical facility typically has an open door policy; anyone can walk in and request service or request to see a patient. With such a policy it only makes sense to be able to monitor the happenings of visitors into such a facility. By installing a surveillance system you will be protecting the patients the staff visitors and mostly important the doctors. Start protecting your medical facility and your staff, call us for a security camera system today.

surveillance systems sacramento ca


Apartment Buildings Surveillance Systems

When you own an apartment building you soon learn that there are sometimes problems with domestic disputes, break-ins, along with other disturbances. Realistically it’s impossible to monitor your property 24 hours a day.  Install a surveillance system and start seeing what goes on at all times of the day, even when you’re not there.


School Surveillance Systems

If your child goes to a public school it is probably a small concern always in the back of your mind as to whether or not you can trust the school system with such a precious aspect of your life. We are in an age where some adults want to threaten their safety. By installing a surveillance system into a school you are protecting the children from not only outside influences but from inside influences as well. You are able to make sure the teachers are using curriculum that is suitable for today’s youth and also to make sure that they are providing an environment conducive to the best possible education of your children. See your local PTA  about installing   surveillance systems in your school.

There are many different types of Surveillance Systems. 

Which is the best for you?
When considering the best system for yourself there are a few things to consider. How much is your budget going to be? How effective do you need your surveillance system to be? (Do you need to see specific detail or do you just need to make sure that the nanny is not teaching your children how to climb on the counters?). Does your technology need to be the best of the best or does your surveillance system just need to make sure that your employees are getting into the safe. Whatever your needs are we will customize a system to your budget and your needs.

surveillance system installations sacramento


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Some types of systems to consider will be a Closed Circuit Television or CCTV System.
This is the most traditional form of surveillance systems. This is a system that you will typically see in liquor stores, malls, store parking lots, residential applications etc.

Wired Digital

A wired Digital Camera works the same as a CCTV system except it ties directly into your computer and gives you the ability to edit audio and video and is connected to the main power system of your house or building


Wireless Digital

A wireless digital surveillance system will transmit video and audio through a wireless connection so that you can review the images of a single camera remotely this technology is new and still in the developmental stages.  However there are added benefits such as not having to run wires through your home or business and its also less detectable.


Hidden surveillance system installations are on the rise, especially when pertaining to child care. A Hidden camera or nanny cam are legal and can help to protect your belongings or children without being detected.

Hidden Camera Installations Sacramento ca

How Surveillance Systems Work

If you’re wondering how a Surveillance System Works then look no further. Although there are many variations of security systems and the way that they work, they all operate under similar principles. A camera monitors and transmits and video/audio signal, that signal in most cases is received by a recording device, such as a hard drive on a computer or a digital video recorder. Your videos are then stored on that device and can be reviewed at a later date. A surveillance system can be integrated with just about any other security system, access control panel or POS system on today’s market.


Call your professionals  “Mr Security Camera” to install your system today! (916) 672-2660