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Surveillance System Installation

    If you like many others in your area are looking for  security camera installation in Sacramento CA (even if you have already purchased the system). Then look no further Mr. Security Camera  of Sacramento CA has some of the best installation techs in the business.  And will help you with  custom surveillance system […]

Security Camera Installers – Elk Grove (916) 672-2660

Security Camera Installation Elk Grove CA

Mr. Security Camera – Elk Grove Security Camera Installers Elk Grove Security Camera Installers Elk Grove If you are looking for quality security camera installers to install a surveillance system in your home or place of business (even if you have already purchased the system). Then look no further Mr. Security Camera of Elk Grove CA is here to help you […]

Security Camera Installers Yuba City

Security Camera Installers Yuba City

Mr. Security Camera – Yuba City Call: (916) 672-2660 If you are looking for quality security camera installers to install a surveillance system in your home or place of business (even if you have already purchased the system). Then look no further Mr. Security Camera of Yuba City CA is here to help you with a […]

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Mr. Security Camera – Davis (916) 672-2660

Davis Security Camera Installers Call: (916) 672-2660 If like so many other Davis CA home and business owners you have found your self in need of a surveillance camera system installation or service in Davis then give Mr. Security Camera of Davis a call. We are equipped to provide a quality camera system at an […]

Security Camera Installers Marysville

Mr. Security Camera (916) 672-2660 Marysville Security Camera Installers Mr Security Camera Installers of Marysville is one of the leading companies in surveillance system installation and services as well as other electronic systems. Mr. Security camera can provide your business or home with a complete CCTV system and Burglar Alarms With remote access and monitoring. […]

Security Camera Installers Sacramento (916) 672-2660

Security Camera Installers Sacramento

Mr. Security Camera – (916) 672-2660 Sacramento Security Camera Installers   Mr. Security Camera installers of Sacramento is here to make your decision easy. Call us today at (916) 672-2660. Like almost all other business owners and home owners alike if you are looking at this page its because you are hoping to protect your […]

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Natomas Security Camera Installers Call: (916) 672-2660   If you, like most other home owners or business owners are looking for the best possible surveillance camera systems and installations in Natomas then Mr. Security Camera is the company to call. We can provide the best security camera system on the market or the most affordable. […]

Security Camera Installers Sacramento

Commercial Digital Data and Voice Security

  Check out our new video! Mr. Security Camera is your go to company for surveillance systems, DVR equipment, Security Cameras and much more. We are one of the best Security Camera Installers Sacramento has to offer. We have years of experience which will ensure that your Surveillance System is going to be the best […]

Main Benefits of a DVR Surveillance System

Residential Home Security System

Surveillance systems can be extremely handy in providing top-notch security for both residences and businesses. There are several types of systems to pick from depending on the quality that you feel your defense requires. You may remember fondly the more traditional kind of security that involves cameras and recording tapes that usually only work 50 […]

Wireless IP Camera Installation in Sacramento

Access Control Systems

Video: Wireless IP Camera Installation Sacramento (916) 672-2660 Mr Security Camera (916) 672-2660 IP Wireless IP Camera Installation In Sacramento Ca. Wireless Security System Installation for the Sacramento Residents. “Mr Security Camera” is Sacramento’s best full service IP security company. For years we’ve been providing Sacramento residents with residential and commercial property crime prevention methods and personal security such as IP surveillance systems and wireless security systems. We install […]

Mr Security Camera Profile Video

Digital Security Camera

Video: Mr Security Camera (916) 672-2660   Mr Security Camera (916) 672-2660 IP Wireless Camera Installation In Sacramento Ca. DVR Security system Installation for the Sacramento Residents. “Mr Security Camera” is Sacramento’s best full service security company. For years we’ve been providing Sacramento residents with residential and commercial property crime prevention methods and personal security […]

Wireless IP Camera

Remote Monitoring with Wireless IP Camera

What is a Wireless IP Camera?

IP cameras go by many different names. You may hear them referred to as “Internet Camera or “network cameras”, “internet protocol” cam, or “webcam.” Whatever you decide to call it, an IP camera is a cam that sends and receives data over a local area network (LAN) and/or the internet.

For more information and a free consultation on IP Camera’s call Mr Security Camera (916) 672-2660

Commercial Security Camera

Commercial Security Camera

How Can I See What’s Happening in My Home or Office When I’m Away?

It has become very easy to check in on your children or their nanny from your desk at work. To be able monitor your business from home on your laptop, all in real time. Wireless IP Cameras allow you to connect through to the internet and remotely view streaming video from just about web browser around the world. Once your home security system is set up, the only requirement for its functionality is Internet access. You can monitor multiple video Webcams or DVRs from a single tablet or smartphone.

Some IP cameras require a physical connection via cable, while others are wireless and transmit their data via radio frequency (RF) signals or over your Wi-Fi network.

IP cameras are basically mini computers with sophisticated optics built in to them. Internet Cameras come with their own built in software and just need to be configured to your network in order to function. The network configuration is fairly simple process for most devices; generally the set up is no more complex than configuring your Wi-Fi network. While some models do require a good knowledge of Internet technology to get them running. Many cameras now also come with their own apps, which make viewing and recording video on the internet even easier.

Many internet cameras look like traditional security cams, but consumers these days demand hidden cameras (nanny cams) with webcam capabilities. IP cameras are now hidden in a wide array of forms, from a book to a clock radio to a DVD player.

IP Camera Installation

Does My Computer Need to be Turned On To Use an Internet Camera?

Generally no, but it depends on the type of camera and it is set up. When you are using a Personal Computer as a network access point, instead of connecting directly to the network from the camera then the PC will need to remain on.

What is the Difference Between a Standard Webcam and a PTZ Internet Camera?

PTZ is an abbreviation for Pan, Tilt and Zoom. PTZ cameras can be controlled and viewed by various users. Just like a standard network camera, but it has the ability to be moved remotely. Unlike a traditional fixed camera a PTZ allows a user to adjust the camera’s view as needed.


Do I Need to Purchase Additional Software to Use An Internet Camera?

This can vary by the camera. Most IP Cameras will come with necessary software required to configure and operate your camera. Most of the time they include recording software. Some also include more advanced features, like the ability to view multiple camera viewing and send text/email motion alerts.

If your camera does not include the features you need, there are many NVR (Network Video Recorder) programs are available for purchase to add other capabilities.

Remote Monitoring with Wireless IP Camera

How Does an IP Camera Work?

Instead of transmitting data over a cable to a DVR or Monitor, a Webcam transmits digital video over a wired or wireless data connection. Everything that is required to transfer images and/or sound over your network is built into the unit. The Internet camera is connected directly to the network, just like other network devices. Depending on the type of camera you have it may save video to an attached memory card or drive, stream captured video to the internet, connect to another device on your network for storage.

An IP camera captures images just like any digital camera. Its different because of its ability to compress files and transmit them to a network. If your building is equipped with a network, the required infrastructure is in place to install Internet Cameras. If you are adding one or a multiple cameras, you may use a decentralized network camera, that has its own control interface and storage built in. When Mr Security Camera is installing multiple network cameras we usually use a centralized network camera which requires a (NVR) Network Video Recorder .

A Network Video Recorder is a program that stores video and/or audio from network cameras and allow you to view multiple cameras at the same time. It is similar to a DVR, but NVR needs the cameras to encode the video. The NVR simply stores data allowing for centralized remote viewing. Network Video Recording software is installed on an existing device and sometimes a dedicated device with its own operating system. Hybrid systems exist which are available that can accept both analog and IP inputs. These systems will usually allow analog cameras to be viewed remotely as well as network cameras.

What’s a Static IP Address and Why Do I Need It?

When a device is on a network, you access it by entering the IP (Internet Protocol) address into any web browser. (ISPs) Internet service providers supply a dynamic IP address to almost everyone. A dynamic IP address is just like a phone number that adjusts every time a device disconnects, while a static IP address never changes.

Only a ISP can provide you with a Static or Dynamic IP address and they typically charge a monthly service fee for a Static IP. In order for you to obtain constant access to your Internet Cameras you will need a Static IP address. If your ISP is unable to give you a static IP, there are also third party services are able to provide a virtual Static IP address. Most are free to use, and a simple internet search will provide a multitude of options.

Keypad Door Locks

Access Control System Installations Sacramento ca.

Keypad Door Locks

If you’re thinking about replacing your traditional door locks, Keypad door locks are the best choice for you. Keypad door locks have been around for a few years now, and was originally used for commercial establishments. Now these door locks are available to residential homes. Unlike traditional door locks, keypad door locks do not use keys.

They are completely key-less locks. Technically, they work just like the ATMs. People only have to punch in the secret combination in order to unlock or lock the door. With keypad door locks you no longer have to worry about stolen or lost keys. Your family no longer has to hide keys in secret places to allow entry in the absence of keys.

For more information or a custom estimate call Mr Security Camera today at (916) 672-2660


Keypad Door Lock Installations Sacramento

Better Home Security

These door lock systems use a technology which makes it difficult for any intruder to enter your house. Your family can stop worrying about anyone picking your locks while you’re away. Any unauthorized personnel trying to enter your home will have to know your personal access number of the door lock before they can open the door.

Changeable Entry Codes

The secret combination to keypad door locks can be easily changed into any other combination. When people feel that their current combination number has been divulged to unauthorized individuals, they can at anytime change the code. Additionally, if the current owners of the house decide to sell the property or have the house rented to others, they can always inform the new people living there know about the access combination to the locks. Taking away the need for new keys and new door locks.

Commercial Grade Door Locks

Lastly, the key pad door locks are extremely durable. You can always count on your keypad door lock even when you are away from your home. The benefits the key pad door lock provides are such that it has become a widely used security device for home security. If this does not appeal to you, you may want to choose from the many other types of key-less door lock systems that contain the ability to provide you optimum protection to your home every time you step out of that door.

Commercial Alarm System Installation

Commercial Alarm System Installation

MR Security Camera offers the complete solution for any commercial application. From a simple storefront intrusion to fire and burglary systems that integrate complete video and access control for factories, financial, large retail and complex warehouse distribution centers.

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Our commercial wireless or wired solutions can create new opportunities for your business and provide your customers with a life protection system that can be installed with next to no interruption to your business. Call Mr Security Camera today (916)672-2660.

The business security solutions we offer include:

Night Vision CameraEven with advanced equipment today, many cameras do not provide the best quality in video at night. Since most burglaries or intrusions happen at night or when its dark, it only makes sense to get cameras that are quality enough to provide a clear picture day or night. For information on Night Vision Camera Installations call (916) 672-2660

Commercial Security Camera Systems

Commercial Security Camera installation Sacramento ca

Wireless DVR Camera

Running wires is a typical way to install a surveillance system. However with advances in technology security cameras are able to transmit to a recording device. This makes for a more simple installation process. Call us today for a free estimate.

Remote Monitoring System

When installing a surveillance system it can be incredibly convenient to be able to monitor that system from anywhere. Its a very simple task today to be able to integrate your recording device into a network and access it remotely from anywhere that has internet access, via Smart Phone Tablet.

Remote monitoring Camera View your security cameras on your Mobile device. Apple or Android
Security Consultations sacramento, Ca

Security Consultation

There are a plethora of variables to consider when thinking about the best way to secure your belongings. It is very easy to go overboard and end up with more functions then necessary or leave your self inadequately secured. For a consultation on the best system for your needs call us today.

Surveillance System

One of the more common ways to secure a home or business these days is to install a surveillance system which consists of security cameras that transmit video and audio to a recording device allowing you to review anything that goes on in your home or place of business. If something comes up missing or your home or business has been vandalized you can now review the video and be able to provide evidence to the authorities.

 surveillance systems sacramento ca
Tamper Proof Cameras sacramento ca

Tamper Proof Camera

As crime rates rise, so have peoples desire to improve the ways that they secure themselves. Now that surveillance systems have become more affordable, more and more people have started to have them installed. The problem is security cameras themselves are fairly valuable. So many business have seen a rise in the theft of there security cameras. Fairly ironic yes, however it can be rather frustrating. There are systems and hardware that you can install to prevent the tampering with of your surveillance system. If you are concerned that your surveillance system is not secure, call us today for more information.

Digital Video Recorder

DVR or Digital Video Recorder is a device that stores video or audio on a hard drive. Depending on the size of the hard drive you can store up to several months of  video on a DVR, which becomes very convenient when needing to recall events from weeks or months before.

DVR Security System Installations Sacramento california
Wireless DVR cctv Camera Installation sacramento ca

DVR Security Camera

Many homeowners and business owners a like have realized that VCR systems have become ineffective when it comes to a Security Camera SystemVCR‘s are cumbersome and VHS tapes take up way to much space. Especially when you are trying to store enough information to review video from 3 months before. DVR Security Camera Systems allow you to store several weeks or months for later reviewing.

Hidden Camera

Whether you have a business or a home you qualify for a hidden camera. If you have dishonest people in your home or shop, they will play nice if they know there are eyes on them. If that element is taken away and person thinks that they are completely alone, this is when you find out the true character of a person. This is when you find out whether or not you have a quality nanny working with your children, or a quality employee working closely with one of your most important assets.

Hidden Camera Installations Sacramento ca
Alarm System Installations Sacramento

Alarm System

Alarm systems are essentially the same as they have always been. An intruder enters your home or business and an alarm sounded. One of the first stages of evolution for this type of system was the ability for your system to “communicate” with local authorities and inform the necessary parties that a home or business has an intruder. Since that evolutionary change things have come along way. Its pretty easy to overdue it on your system and leave you with more functions then necessary. Call us today for a free consultation on a system that best fits your needs.

Audio Video Display

Audio and Video display equipment has come a long way over the last 10 years. Its incredibly affordable for the average Joe to afford a home theater system. But this equipment can be confusing and intimidating if you are not familiar with the installation of such a system. For some help on choosing the best solution for you. Call Mr. Security Camera!

Audio Video Display Installations Sacramento California
Night Vision Camera Installations sacramento

Video surveillance systems

That lets you check in on your employees and your business when you’re away from operations.

Home Theater and Media

With flat-screens reaching sizes of over 60” its becoming more and more popular to bring the theater experience to your home. We can’t help you with the popcorn, but we can provide you with the best media experience of your life. Look to us for a free consultation on the best equipment to use for your particular scenario and living space. If you’re thinking about investing in your entertainment experience, call us today and we will make sure that you get the best system for your buck!

Home Theater and Media Center Installations Sacramento
Nanny Camera Installations sacramento

Nanny Cam Installations

Anyone with a child finds out almost immediately that when you leave your children in the hands of another person it tugs on your nerves all day. Since its the most important aspect of your life, you deserve a little extra confidence in the well being of your little ones. If you have a nanny coming over to your home to take care of your little ones. Be certain that they are teaching them the life lessons that you hold valuable and are not mis treating them. For the extra confidence, call us today for information on Nanny Cam Installations.

Monitored burglar alarms 

Complete with fire and carbon monoxide detection in order to  save you and your employees critical time in the event of an emergency.

Mobile Solutions 

That will allow you to control your security system from your smartphone or any computer.

Today, your business can not afford to be without a custom commercial alarm system installation In order to adequately protect your employees and business, the security system must be sophisticated enough to quickly detect any danger. From fire and smoke, carbon monoxide and threats from external or even worse internal theft. Without a complete security system, the potential loss of business assets or lives can be devastating, resulting in weeks or  months of downtime, and in the worst case scenario, closing your doors.

Investing in a custom commercial security system from Mr Security Camera far outweighs these potential losses. We create a customized solution that will exceed your expectations and minimizing your costs. In order to meet the needs of your business today, while preparing for the events of tomorrow.
For a custom estimate on Commercial Alarm Systems contact Mr Security Camera at (916) 672-2660 today.

Biometric Scanners

Biometric Scanner

Biometric Scanners

Mr Security Camera is constantly staying up on the latest technology and we only provide each of our customers the best our industry has to provide. Biometric scanners are the most advanced input devices access control systems have to offer.

Each scanner has a custom database for authorized personnel. Keys and key cards can be stolen or lost which can leave gaps in security for hours or even days. While biometrics scanners provide complete protection against unauthorized access. Some scanners have a built in data base within the scanner while others link back to a PC or Head End.

For a custom estimate on Biometric scanners contact Mr Security Camera at (916) 672-2660 today.

Biometric Scanner

Biometric Scanner

Biometric systems can seem complicated, but they all use the same three steps:

  • Enrollment: The first time your employees use a biometric system, it records their basic information, like their name and an identification number. Then the system captures an image or recording of their specific trait.

  • Storage: Contrary to what you see in movies these days, all systems don’t store the complete recording or image. Instead they analyze your specific trait and translate that into a code or graph for the system to analyze. Some systems also record the data onto a smart card that they can carry with them.

  • Comparison: The next time your employees use the system, it compares the same trait they present to the information on file. Then, it either rejects or accepts that they are who they claim to be..

Some employers use biometric scanners to provide the most accurate time card management. This requires each employee to be present at the time of check in. This prevents other employees from punching a co workers time card or a employee from reporting the wrong time on your time management software.

Biometric scanners are an integral piece of every commercial security system from protecting confidential information to protecting your bottom line. 

Wireless DVR Camera Installation

Wireless DVR Camera Installation sacramento

Wireless DVR Camera Installation

Wireless DVR Camera Installation – A DVR which is commonly known as Digital Video Recorder is the core component to the surveillance system with the essential functions of recording and archiving video files, which provides advanced options like remote monitoring.

Mr. Security camera wireless DVR’s provide a secured 24/7 operation with exceptional performance while giving a professional-grade security features that even the most novice person could maneuver without all the wires. View your world like never before with high quality easy to use surveillance system that is the best in the consumer market.

Mr Security Camera has years of experience installing Wireless DVR Systems, Call today for your free estimate (916) 672-2660.

Wireless DVR Camera Installation

With viewing and recording capabilities, producing unprecedented high definition images that are digitally zoomed during live viewing and playback mode. Capture every important event in crystal clear High Definition detail. One of the most important features about the ip wireless DVR is its abilities to record at real time frame rate in its top resolution format without all the hook ups. Your eyes see everyday life at roughly 30 frames per second (fps), Real-Time frame rates range vary from 24fps-30fps.

For example Hollywood movies are filmed at about 24 frames per second, giving them more flexibility while editing. Mr. Security camera’s wireless DVR’s can record up to 30fps real-time at their highest resolution format on multiple channels including; Record, Playback, Back Up & Remotely Control the system simultaneously from anywhere using a simple hot spot!. Making Mr. Security camera’s wireless dvr’s a unique piece of technology unprecedented in its line of work.

Wireless DVR Camera Installation sacramento


Every wireless DVR includes Duty Cycle Security Grade Hard Drive already installed for your convenience, allowing you to record to a specialty hard drive specifically designed for storing surveillance footage, providing you with days, weeks, or even months of reliable video recordings.

Wireless DVR camera installation Sacramento ca


Mr Security camera offers cutting edge technology with advanced security settings like motion recording, real time recording, as well as high definition video. Our top of the line wireless security dvr systems are compatible with any outdoor security cameras. Having a wireless dvr like this gives you the ability to tap in to your live streaming video from the DVR using a wide range of Internet capable smartphones and computers.

DVR wireless installation sacramento

No matter where you maybe be Mr. Security camera strive’s to give you the ability to see your home no matter where you may be, and having the ability to make it wireless makes it that much easier and user friendly.


POS System Installations

POS Systems Installations sacramento

POS System Installations

Point of sale (POS or Checkout) is where a retail or commercial transaction is completed. These systems are used when a customer makes a payment to the merchant in exchange for goods or services. Installation and configuration can be a simple task for few, or a daunting task for most. Mr Security Camera offers all types of Point of Sale systems POS System installation solutions,  from simple cash registers to customized hardware and software specifically designed for your business.

Point of Sale Systems can be extremely complicated to install, we always suggest having a trained professional. Call Mr Security Camera today for a complete evaluation and free estimate on POS System Installations (916) 672-2660.

POS Systems Installations sacramento


Here at Mr Security Camera we take care of all the hardware set up for your checkout devices. We connect your remote printers, card swipe device, cash drawer, and bar-code scanners directly to your computer. The system is then upgraded by downloading the most current drivers and additional software required to operate with ease. Then our technicians will give you a step by step walk through of how your entire system works.

POS Systems Installation sacramento ca

Software Integration

Mr Security Camera provides custom software development for your POS needs. We provide complete integration and technical support for all the services we establish. Just a few things our previous client’s software had integrated; payment processing services, (CRM) Client Relationship Management software, line item accounting to QuickBooks POS, Peachtree, ETC.

All our Point-of-Sale systems are Pre-configured and pre-loaded with the needed software, hardware drivers and other updates before they arrive at your business. We aim to make the entire process as simple as possible for you.  We configure the entire Point of Sale system to your business and get your system running as quickly as possible.

POS Systems Installations sacramento ca

Most individuals prefer the knowledge and comfort of an experienced technician on site assisting them step by step with the implementation of the entire system. Also, our technicians will give you a tutorial as to how to operate your Checkout System. This usually includes installing network cables to link your entire system together, setting up internet access on the terminal and installing the Point of Sale hardware. Plus, you get the assistance of having your questions answered on site by our trained technician. In most cases, with remote printers, multiple systems, back office configurations, additional hardware components, and specialty programs can all be taken care of onsite.

Home Theater and Media Center Installations

Home Theater and Media Center Installations

Home Theater and Media Center Installation

Only a few years ago, a Home Theater and Media Center Installation system was only for the wealthy who could spare a room and thousands of dollars on equipment, furnishings,  and accessories. But Now, as high-definition has become available to the mainstream at a fraction of its historic costs. Almost anyone can integrate Wide Screen televisions and Souped Up audio systems into their home, a true media room is within reach of you and your family.

Call Mr Security Camera today (916) 672-2660 for a free estimate and evaluation of your home media center.

Home theater system installation Sacramento

Home theaters are typically one of three types, 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 channel surround sound systems. The difference in these systems, is the number of surround speakers that come in the box. Typically, a 7.1 channel system is suggested for a theater standard sound re-creation. Now, home theater systems come with 3D-enabled or multiple channel amplifiers, general receivers, assorted sub-woofer outputs, composite or HDMI ports, different types of video ports like s-video, docks for portable music players, USB ports, FM or satellite radio tuners, Ethernet connectors for internet, multi disc changers etc. The brands we recommended are Altec Lansing, Yamaha, and Bose. (Their prices are very competitive.)


Home Theater and Media Center Installations Sacramento ca


Things we Consider when Installing!

  • Where we should put them, how you desire the ambiance to be inconsideration of your the sitting arrangements.
  • We soundproof the room considering your family or friends in the other rooms.
  • We plan the layouts, diagram, and visualize where to place each of your speakers.
  • You can only imagine wires strewn all over, so we try to segregate them; behind wall fittings place each wire under the carpet, in the corner and label each wire accordingly ETC.
  • Too much light and too little are both inconvenient while watching videos.
  • We consider the use of blinds, screens, dimmer lights you already have in your room.
  • Once installed, we check to see if it they are perfectly arranged by playing some movies with high sound and visual effects to test the speakers one after the other.
  • We also show you a demo as well within your own home.
  • Answer questions if you are not so sure about the features or anything related to your system.

Once we finish this, you can sit back and enjoy and relax with your personal home theater installation. Just try to keep them well maintained so that it always stays versatile as the first time you bought it. If anything ever changes we will always come back

Home Theater and Media Center Installations Sacramento ca.



Security Consultation

Security Consultation

Over the past 10 years we here at Mr. Security Camera strive to give you the best quality in products at the best price. Coming home to a house that you know is secure is the best way to end a long day and we know this. With that being said, we give free no obligation security installation estimates and would love to help you achieve that sense of security. No matter what you are looking for, whether it be for a business or home, or what you have in mind we have an answer and a product that fits your needs.

Security Consultations

Security Consultations

As well as security installation, Mr. Security Camera offers a wide range of products, such as home theater installation for those family nights, to intercom systems allowing you to talk to someone at the entrance of your home from the comfort of your house. We want to meet all your wants and needs because you deserve it.

If you would like a free consultation please contact us at 916-672-2660

Audio Video Display Installations

Audio Video Display Installations Sacramento ca

Audio Video Display Installations

Just think only a 100 years ago, no one knew what television screens were or Audio Video Display Installations  and motor vehicles were brand new inventions owned only by the very rich or the most daring. Today, we have the technology to combine the two most influential devices in today’s society.

These inventions combine to create a portable entertainment center or work station. If you’re interested in equipping your vehicle with our mobile video technology, call Mr Security Camera today. We don’t just sell quality car video equipment we can also install; headphones, car DVD players, and alarms in trucks, cars, limos, and other vehicles.

We offer all services related to Audio Video Display Installations, for more information call Mr Security Camera today at (916) 672-2660

Audio Video Display Installations Sacramento California

Why install Audio and Video Display Equipment?

  • Entertainment—Anyone who has had children in a long car ride knows how extremely difficult it can be to keep them calm, especially once you reach hour six of never ending highway. When you have our video displays integrated into your car, all you have to do is drop in their favorite movie into your built in DVD player and relax. As the characters they love keep them from removing you of your sanity.
  • Business—With the help of our mobile video; training information, recordings of important meetings, and other work-related material can be reviewed on the road. Mobile electronics like car DVD players are also amazing for breaking the ice during awkward car pools or business trips. Car audio and video technology is also great way to entertain adults in limos, in buses, and even in your personal car while everyone is stuck in traffic. Just because you’re stuck in transit doesn’t mean it has to be frustrating!

Audio Video Display Installations Sacramento ca

The team at Mr Security Camera has more than 15 years of combined experience installing car Audio Video Display Installations. We offer a variety of screen mounting systems; drop down ceiling screens, screens built into the back of your headrests, and even your sun visors. Every detail is carefully considered in our installation design plan and will be approved by you. Prior to the project initiation to ensure that your mobile electronics are everything you desire and meet your appearance needs. Then, we will carefully connect the wires to make certain that they are protected and discreetly installed. Mounting screens seamlessly for a sleek, attractive appeal. Premier car audio and video designs even include customized upholstery, lighting, and fiberglass to give your car a complete new look. As well as a clear picture and crisp sound. Ask our in-car video technicians about systems that integrate specialty features such as:

  • iPod compatibility
  • Auxiliary inputs
  • Video game hookups
  • Touch-screen operation
  • Remote controls
  • Headphone connectivity
  • And more!

Audio Video Display Installations Sacramento ca.

When it comes to installing car audio and video you must make sure you receive only the most professional service. Amateurs often have a hard time with all of the complex electrical work necessary for a visually appealing car video installation. If you need to ensure flawless operation of your mobile video system and prevent causing any serious damage to the vehicle’s electrical system or appearance. You need the experts at Mr Security Camera(916)672-2660. For car audio and video display installations done right the first time, contact us now!