Wireless DVR Camera Installation sacramento

Wireless DVR Camera Installation

Wireless DVR Camera Installation – A DVR which is commonly known as Digital Video Recorder is the core component to the surveillance system with the essential functions of recording and archiving video files, which provides advanced options like remote monitoring.

Mr. Security camera wireless DVR’s provide a secured 24/7 operation with exceptional performance while giving a professional-grade security features that even the most novice person could maneuver without all the wires. View your world like never before with high quality easy to use surveillance system that is the best in the consumer market.

Mr Security Camera has years of experience installing Wireless DVR Systems, Call today for your free estimate (916) 672-2660.

Wireless DVR Camera Installation

With viewing and recording capabilities, producing unprecedented high definition images that are digitally zoomed during live viewing and playback mode. Capture every important event in crystal clear High Definition detail. One of the most important features about the ip wireless DVR is its abilities to record at real time frame rate in its top resolution format without all the hook ups. Your eyes see everyday life at roughly 30 frames per second (fps), Real-Time frame rates range vary from 24fps-30fps.

For example Hollywood movies are filmed at about 24 frames per second, giving them more flexibility while editing. Mr. Security camera’s wireless DVR’s can record up to 30fps real-time at their highest resolution format on multiple channels including; Record, Playback, Back Up & Remotely Control the system simultaneously from anywhere using a simple hot spot!. Making Mr. Security camera’s wireless dvr’s a unique piece of technology unprecedented in its line of work.

Wireless DVR Camera Installation sacramento


Every wireless DVR includes Duty Cycle Security Grade Hard Drive already installed for your convenience, allowing you to record to a specialty hard drive specifically designed for storing surveillance footage, providing you with days, weeks, or even months of reliable video recordings.

Wireless DVR camera installation Sacramento ca


Mr Security camera offers cutting edge technology with advanced security settings like motion recording, real time recording, as well as high definition video. Our top of the line wireless security dvr systems are compatible with any outdoor security cameras. Having a wireless dvr like this gives you the ability to tap in to your live streaming video from the DVR using a wide range of Internet capable smartphones and computers.

DVR wireless installation sacramento

No matter where you maybe be Mr. Security camera strive’s to give you the ability to see your home no matter where you may be, and having the ability to make it wireless makes it that much easier and user friendly.