Tamper Proof Cameras sacramento ca

Tamper Proof Camera

Having a good Tamper Proof Camera and security system is a key part of surveillance for your business or home. Security Cameras add more than just another alarm system, They give the owner the ability to see what’s going on outside their home while they are away. They are also used as a means of evidence when vandalism or theft takes place on the property.

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Tamper Proof Cameras sacramento ca

Security cameras have become highly advanced, equipped with excellent graphic capabilities, giving the camera’s images to be zoomed in on making it easier for perpetrators to be identified and caught. In the past you were never able to protect the camera from the vandals, making it difficult to keep your cameras safe. Vandals know how to vandalize and destroy some of the most commonly-sold security devices that are less optimal. Thankfully you have Mr. Security Camera to help you, bringing you a camera protected from vandals giving you relief that you deserve while you may be away.

The most common and popular type of vandal proof camera is the dome-shaped camera. When thinking about a security camera most people think about small device equipped with a lens, pasted to a block. Those types of cameras are designed to cover one specific area. Since vandals can take one look and know where the camera is directed towards, allowing them to simply avoid that area, pull the camera down and disabling it by detaching the visible wires. A dome camera gives a better option to both problems. The dome shaped camera makes it easier to fit on any surface, giving it a smoother inconspicuous look. The glass making the dome that covers the actual camera offers protection if someone tries to smash it.

Tamper Proof Camera sacramento ca

Another popular type of tamper proof cameras is the rotating head camera. The look to these security cameras are similar to dome-shaped cameras, but they have a few more unique features. The only down side to these security cameras are that they are more expensive because of those features. The rotating head camera looks like a dome equipped with a small lens that can be maneuvered around using a remote control. Some of these systems are hooked up to a special system designed to maneuver only the camera.

Some advanced models may be able to be accessed by a home computer or a WiFi enabled device such as a smart-phone. These security cameras can come with a feature that allows you to set in on random rotate. They can be set to rotate at a specific times as well as randomly rotating. If a vandal approaches a home or business with one of these cameras and has any knowledge of security devices, they will move on, knowing it is not worth the effort. All the wiring for these types of security cameras are secured inside a metal casing that is shaped like a tall dome. The small lens at the end of the camera is made to be extremely durable and is pushed in a tube that has a metal casing protecting it from any vandal.

Most tamper proof security cameras come equipped with a powerful zoom allowing it to give you a clean, clear picture. These security cameras are the cameras that will give you eyes in every direction, giving you that peace of mind and security we all seek while were away or asleep.

Tamper Proof Cameras sacramento ca.

Both the rotating head camera and dome shaped camera are amazing cameras for any type of building whether it is your home or your business. While these types of cameras are more expensive they are still cheap when coming to protecting your home from any unwanted perpetrator that may want to harm your property.