Mobile monitoring iphone security camera sacramento

Remote Monitoring System Installations

Your family has 2 separate ways to view your Surveillance Camera System on a Remote Monitoring System Installations away from home:

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Mobile monitoring iphone security camera sacramento

Mobile Video Surveillance

All smartphones now have applications such as Ivideon, Ispyconnect, and ETC. to give users access on their mobile phone. These applications while not as robust as what is available via computer are capable of giving you access to view your camera live and listen to audio. Mobile video surveillance may also allow you to define the camera position. These applications are becoming more advanced by the day, constantly receiving updates and providing more features.

remote monitoring sacramento

Remote Video Surveillance

When using a laptop or a desktop computer you have access to your surveillance system. These services are the complete package they give you the ability take recorded film and email information to others or adjust any camera settings. This is remote interface giving you complete control over your home security cameras. Allowing you to keep your eye on what is most important, your family.

Mr Security Camera has established countless remote and mobile monitoring systems providing our clients the ability to view their cameras from virtually anywhere. Using high speed internet and a wireless DVR system with a Dynamic IP address you can view your property “On the Go”. Our Remote Viewing systems allow you to use your laptop, desktop or smartphone to view your cameras anytime and anywhere you have service.

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Currently the industry standard for exemplary quality is H.264 compression this allows the system to transfer data seemingly seamlessly and store data 3x longer than older systems with an equal amount of storage. Here at Mr Security Camera we always suggest our clients take advantage of H.264 compression to ensure they receive only the best quality when viewing from your DVR monitor or your mobile device.

These DVRs use your Dynamic IP address to connect directly to services like Symbian and WinCE, ETC. systems This allows you to use your smartphone, laptop and/or desktop for free. Many of our clients love the flexibility and peace of mind provided to view their home, pets, and even their children while they are away.

Imagine you leave your house for work in the morning your child goes off to middle school. Around 2 O’Clock right after they get out of school they head home. They call you to let you know their home… So you jump on your smartphone and pull up your surveillance system. At this point you may see them go home. You can keep a watchful eye on your kids while you’re at the office.

Remote Monitoring System Installations sacramento

The peace of mind and sense of security Mr Security Camera provides you and your family is virtually priceless. Having the ability to see exactly what is happening around and inside your home at any time.