POS Systems Installations sacramento

POS System Installations

Point of sale (POS or Checkout) is where a retail or commercial transaction is completed. These systems are used when a customer makes a payment to the merchant in exchange for goods or services. Installation and configuration can be a simple task for few, or a daunting task for most. Mr Security Camera offers all types of Point of Sale systems POS System installation solutions,  from simple cash registers to customized hardware and software specifically designed for your business.

Point of Sale Systems can be extremely complicated to install, we always suggest having a trained professional. Call Mr Security Camera today for a complete evaluation and free estimate on POS System Installations (916) 672-2660.

POS Systems Installations sacramento


Here at Mr Security Camera we take care of all the hardware set up for your checkout devices. We connect your remote printers, card swipe device, cash drawer, and bar-code scanners directly to your computer. The system is then upgraded by downloading the most current drivers and additional software required to operate with ease. Then our technicians will give you a step by step walk through of how your entire system works.

POS Systems Installation sacramento ca

Software Integration

Mr Security Camera provides custom software development for your POS needs. We provide complete integration and technical support for all the services we establish. Just a few things our previous client’s software had integrated; payment processing services, (CRM) Client Relationship Management software, line item accounting to QuickBooks POS, Peachtree, ETC.

All our Point-of-Sale systems are Pre-configured and pre-loaded with the needed software, hardware drivers and other updates before they arrive at your business. We aim to make the entire process as simple as possible for you.  We configure the entire Point of Sale system to your business and get your system running as quickly as possible.

POS Systems Installations sacramento ca

Most individuals prefer the knowledge and comfort of an experienced technician on site assisting them step by step with the implementation of the entire system. Also, our technicians will give you a tutorial as to how to operate your Checkout System. This usually includes installing network cables to link your entire system together, setting up internet access on the terminal and installing the Point of Sale hardware. Plus, you get the assistance of having your questions answered on site by our trained technician. In most cases, with remote printers, multiple systems, back office configurations, additional hardware components, and specialty programs can all be taken care of onsite.