Intercom System Installations Sacramento

Intercom System Installations

An intercom system installations also known as an intercommunication devicedoorphone or talkback is a standalone voice communications system. These systems are used in a buildings and/or a small collection of buildings. Each intercom functions independently of the nation’s public telephone network.

These talkback systems are permanently mounted in vehicles and buildings. Intercommunication devices can incorporate walkie-talkies, telephones, public address loudspeaker systems, and other intercom systems. High-end intercom systems can incorporate the control of devices like door latches and single lights.

Intercom Systems can be complicated to install into any building. Call Mr Security Camera (916)672-2660 for your free estimate.

Intercom System Installations sacramento ca

The Essential Intercom Terms

Master Station (Base Station) – This is the control unit within the system it can initiate calls or make announcements over the entire system

Sub-station (Slave Units) – Units capable of only initiating a call with the Master Station but, not capable of initiating calls with other stations.

Door Station – Like the a Sub-station, these units are only able to initiate a call to a Master Station. They are typically weather-proof and used in outdoor settings.

Intercom Station – Full-featured remote unit that is capable of initiating and receiving group conversation, individual conversation and signaling. These may be mounted on a rack, wall or just be portable.

Wall Mount Station – Are fixed position intercoms stations with a built-in loudspeaker. The have flush mounted microphones, handheld talk microphones or telephone style handsets.

Belt Pack – Portable intercom stations worn on a belt.

Handset – Are permanent or portable telephone style connection to an intercom station. Handsets hold both a push to talk microphone and an earpiece.

Headset – Is a portable intercom connection connected to a belt pack to use both ears or just one via headphones with a built in microphone on a boom arm.

Paging Signal – This is an audible and/or visual alert at the intercom station, indicating that someone else at another station wants to initiate conversation.

Power Supply – Are used to feed power to all units within the system. The power supply is usually incorporated into the design of the master station.

Intercom System Installations Sacramento

Doorphone Systems have been used in various residential buildings for the last sixty years. These systems basically required for any warehouse, building, retail store or office that requires the security in who is entering or exiting their premises. Basic intercom systems allow for voice communication between two places, it also allows entry to the residence or office with the click of a button.

Now, most standard intercom systems have integrated cameras which allow visual confirmation of the individual you are talking to is who you believe them to be. Also the camera integration gives uses the ability to screen uninvited guests and unwanted solicitors before answering the door. Some of our cameras have the ability to record directly to a Digital Video Recording device and connect to an Access Control System.  Intercom systems provide a secure residents and work place for tenant and visitors.