Home Theater and Media Center Installations

Home Theater and Media Center Installation

Only a few years ago, a Home Theater and Media Center Installation system was only for the wealthy who could spare a room and thousands of dollars on equipment, furnishings,  and accessories. But Now, as high-definition has become available to the mainstream at a fraction of its historic costs. Almost anyone can integrate Wide Screen televisions and Souped Up audio systems into their home, a true media room is within reach of you and your family.

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Home theater system installation Sacramento

Home theaters are typically one of three types, 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 channel surround sound systems. The difference in these systems, is the number of surround speakers that come in the box. Typically, a 7.1 channel system is suggested for a theater standard sound re-creation. Now, home theater systems come with 3D-enabled or multiple channel amplifiers, general receivers, assorted sub-woofer outputs, composite or HDMI ports, different types of video ports like s-video, docks for portable music players, USB ports, FM or satellite radio tuners, Ethernet connectors for internet, multi disc changers etc. The brands we recommended are Altec Lansing, Yamaha, and Bose. (Their prices are very competitive.)


Home Theater and Media Center Installations Sacramento ca


Things we Consider when Installing!

  • Where we should put them, how you desire the ambiance to be inconsideration of your the sitting arrangements.
  • We soundproof the room considering your family or friends in the other rooms.
  • We plan the layouts, diagram, and visualize where to place each of your speakers.
  • You can only imagine wires strewn all over, so we try to segregate them; behind wall fittings place each wire under the carpet, in the corner and label each wire accordingly ETC.
  • Too much light and too little are both inconvenient while watching videos.
  • We consider the use of blinds, screens, dimmer lights you already have in your room.
  • Once installed, we check to see if it they are perfectly arranged by playing some movies with high sound and visual effects to test the speakers one after the other.
  • We also show you a demo as well within your own home.
  • Answer questions if you are not so sure about the features or anything related to your system.

Once we finish this, you can sit back and enjoy and relax with your personal home theater installation. Just try to keep them well maintained so that it always stays versatile as the first time you bought it. If anything ever changes we will always come back

Home Theater and Media Center Installations Sacramento ca.