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DVR Security System Installations


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There are several security solutions on the market today. Starting with security alarms, access control panels, POS systems and surveillance systems. It used to be that the most efficient way to secure your home was with an DVR Security System Installations that was tied into a network and the local authorities were notified that your home had an intruder.

The main problem with those systems is that an intruder can be in and out of your home or business with an arm full of valuables long before the police get there. The next obvious thing to do is to deter people from ever wanting to enter you home. This can be done with bars on your windows and a security door. However this tends to reduce the overall aesthetic appearance of the home.

DVR Security System Installations Sacramento

It used to be that only the wealthy could afford a surveillance system that could actually provide any type of security. If you did not have the funds to pay for quality Security Cameras then the quality of video was so poor that you could not make out the physical appearance our characteristics of an intruder. Today there are surveillance systems that are affordable and provide a high enough quality video, that you are able to make out the intruders face so that you can provide evidence to the local authorities.

The availability of affordable and high quality surveillance system has become common knowledge. So what many homeowners and business owners alike have done to ensure their safety and security is to install a surveillance system consisting of cameras that are in plain sight in front of the residence or location. This is a great way to say “Hey, I’m watching you and everything you do”. This will hopefully help to deter criminals or dishonest people from taking advantage of you.

Okay, now your have your security cameras… What next? You will need to find a device to store the information on, DVR Security System Installations have become increasing affordable as well. It used to be that you would have to store information on to a tape using a VCR. This is a way of the past. These systems can take up a lot of physical space and tapes can come up missing easily. Now you can record video onto a Digital Video Recorder which can hold up to several months of video. And they are so small that they can fit into a safe. Meaning that once the intruders face has been captured on video there is no making it disappear.

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