Biometric Scanner

Biometric Scanners

Mr Security Camera is constantly staying up on the latest technology and we only provide each of our customers the best our industry has to provide. Biometric scanners are the most advanced input devices access control systems have to offer.

Each scanner has a custom database for authorized personnel. Keys and key cards can be stolen or lost which can leave gaps in security for hours or even days. While biometrics scanners provide complete protection against unauthorized access. Some scanners have a built in data base within the scanner while others link back to a PC or Head End.

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Biometric Scanner

Biometric Scanner

Biometric systems can seem complicated, but they all use the same three steps:

  • Enrollment: The first time your employees use a biometric system, it records their basic information, like their name and an identification number. Then the system captures an image or recording of their specific trait.

  • Storage: Contrary to what you see in movies these days, all systems don’t store the complete recording or image. Instead they analyze your specific trait and translate that into a code or graph for the system to analyze. Some systems also record the data onto a smart card that they can carry with them.

  • Comparison: The next time your employees use the system, it compares the same trait they present to the information on file. Then, it either rejects or accepts that they are who they claim to be..

Some employers use biometric scanners to provide the most accurate time card management. This requires each employee to be present at the time of check in. This prevents other employees from punching a co workers time card or a employee from reporting the wrong time on your time management software.

Biometric scanners are an integral piece of every commercial security system from protecting confidential information to protecting your bottom line.