Surveillance System Installation

    If you like many others in your area are looking for  security camera installation in Sacramento CA (even if you have already purchased the system). Then look no further Mr. Security Camera  of Sacramento CA has some of the best installation techs in the business.  And will help you with  custom surveillance system […]

Security Camera Installers – Elk Grove (916) 672-2660

Security Camera Installation Elk Grove CA

Mr. Security Camera – Elk Grove Security Camera Installers Elk Grove Security Camera Installers Elk Grove If you are looking for quality security camera installers to install a surveillance system in your home or place of business (even if you have already purchased the system). Then look no further Mr. Security Camera of Elk Grove CA is here to help you […]

Security Camera Installers Yuba City

Security Camera Installers Yuba City

Mr. Security Camera – Yuba City Call: (916) 672-2660 If you are looking for quality security camera installers to install a surveillance system in your home or place of business (even if you have already purchased the system). Then look no further Mr. Security Camera of Yuba City CA is here to help you with a […]

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Davis Security Camera Installers Call: (916) 672-2660 If like so many other Davis CA home and business owners you have found your self in need of a surveillance camera system installation or service in Davis then give Mr. Security Camera of Davis a call. We are equipped to provide a quality camera system at an […]

Security Camera Installers Marysville

Mr. Security Camera (916) 672-2660 Marysville Security Camera Installers Mr Security Camera Installers of Marysville is one of the leading companies in surveillance system installation and services as well as other electronic systems. Mr. Security camera can provide your business or home with a complete CCTV system and Burglar Alarms With remote access and monitoring. […]

Security Camera Installers Sacramento (916) 672-2660

Security Camera Installers Sacramento

Mr. Security Camera – (916) 672-2660 Sacramento Security Camera Installers   Mr. Security Camera installers of Sacramento is here to make your decision easy. Call us today at (916) 672-2660. Like almost all other business owners and home owners alike if you are looking at this page its because you are hoping to protect your […]

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Natomas Security Camera Installers Call: (916) 672-2660   If you, like most other home owners or business owners are looking for the best possible surveillance camera systems and installations in Natomas then Mr. Security Camera is the company to call. We can provide the best security camera system on the market or the most affordable. […]

Security Camera Installers Sacramento

Commercial Digital Data and Voice Security

  Check out our new video! Mr. Security Camera is your go to company for surveillance systems, DVR equipment, Security Cameras and much more. We are one of the best Security Camera Installers Sacramento has to offer. We have years of experience which will ensure that your Surveillance System is going to be the best […]

Main Benefits of a DVR Surveillance System

Residential Home Security System

Surveillance systems can be extremely handy in providing top-notch security for both residences and businesses. There are several types of systems to pick from depending on the quality that you feel your defense requires. You may remember fondly the more traditional kind of security that involves cameras and recording tapes that usually only work 50 […]

Wireless IP Camera Installation in Sacramento

Access Control Systems

Video: Wireless IP Camera Installation Sacramento (916) 672-2660 Mr Security Camera (916) 672-2660 IP Wireless IP Camera Installation In Sacramento Ca. Wireless Security System Installation for the Sacramento Residents. “Mr Security Camera” is Sacramento’s best full service IP security company. For years we’ve been providing Sacramento residents with residential and commercial property crime prevention methods and personal security such as IP surveillance systems and wireless security systems. We install […]

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Digital Security Camera

Video: Mr Security Camera (916) 672-2660   Mr Security Camera (916) 672-2660 IP Wireless Camera Installation In Sacramento Ca. DVR Security system Installation for the Sacramento Residents. “Mr Security Camera” is Sacramento’s best full service security company. For years we’ve been providing Sacramento residents with residential and commercial property crime prevention methods and personal security […]


Security Camera Installation Rancho Cordova CA

Security Camera Installation Rancho Cordova CA
Security Camera Installation Rancho Cordova CA

Security Camera Installation Rancho Cordova CA

The Areas Go To Company For

Security Camera Installation in Rancho Cordova CA

For a free estimate on a Security Camera Installation in Rancho Cordova CA

Call Mr. Security Camera at (916) 672-2660. We provide quality solutions for those that need surveillance systems and security cameras installed . Our security camera installers in Rancho Cordova CA have the experience and knowledge to handle any job large or small. Our CCTV and security camera surveillance systems are high in quality, user friendly and designed to last. . We are not just an installation company however, we are fully equipped and have the experience to be able to service repair or upgrade your current surveillance system. Call us today for your security camera needs whether it be commercial surveillance or residential surveillance.

Security Camera Installation Rancho Cordova CA

Security Camera Installation Rancho Cordova CA


Who needs security camera installation in Rancho Cordova CA?

– If you own a Retail Store you are susceptible to petty theft and burglary. Be the one to have the surveillance footage needed to catch a perp.

– If you are the owner of a Warehouse you know first hand that the merchandise that you keep in that warehouse is your livelihood, don’t leave it unguarded and unmonitored.

– If you manage Apartment Complexes then you have the responsibility of keeping your tenants as safe as possible. Increase their confidence in you by improving the security today. Call for a quote on a security camera installation.

– If you are a  Homeowner then its probably safe to say that all of your belongings are in your home. Even more importantly, in many cases its not just you but its your family as well. Improve your confidence in the security of your loved ones and belongings today.

It matters not how large or complex the job is, give us a call today a for your surveillance system and security camera installation in Rancho Cordova CA

Why Choose Mr Security Camera?

Security Camera Installation Rancho Cordova CA

Security Camera Installation Rancho Cordova CA

1. Our Security Camera installers in Rancho Cordova CA are as good as they come.

2. Our DVR and Security Camera Surveillance systems are the best quality you can find at an affordable price nobody can beat.

3. Our equipment comes with a 1 year warranty and our labor is warrantied for 2 years

Security Camera Installation Rancho Cordova CA

Security Camera Installation Rancho Cordova CA

Whether you have done enough research to be a pro at surveillance systems, have already purchased your security cameras and just need them installed. Or you have no idea where to start and need help finding out which application and system will be best for you. Mr. Security Camera is here to help. Our consultation and estimates are free.

Call Today: (916) 672-2660



Wireless IP Camera

Remote Monitoring with Wireless IP Camera

What is a Wireless IP Camera?

IP cameras go by many different names. You may hear them referred to as “Internet Camera or “network cameras”, “internet protocol” cam, or “webcam.” Whatever you decide to call it, an IP camera is a cam that sends and receives data over a local area network (LAN) and/or the internet.

For more information and a free consultation on IP Camera’s call Mr Security Camera (916) 672-2660

Commercial Security Camera

Commercial Security Camera

How Can I See What’s Happening in My Home or Office When I’m Away?

It has become very easy to check in on your children or their nanny from your desk at work. To be able monitor your business from home on your laptop, all in real time. Wireless IP Cameras allow you to connect through to the internet and remotely view streaming video from just about web browser around the world. Once your home security system is set up, the only requirement for its functionality is Internet access. You can monitor multiple video Webcams or DVRs from a single tablet or smartphone.

Some IP cameras require a physical connection via cable, while others are wireless and transmit their data via radio frequency (RF) signals or over your Wi-Fi network.

IP cameras are basically mini computers with sophisticated optics built in to them. Internet Cameras come with their own built in software and just need to be configured to your network in order to function. The network configuration is fairly simple process for most devices; generally the set up is no more complex than configuring your Wi-Fi network. While some models do require a good knowledge of Internet technology to get them running. Many cameras now also come with their own apps, which make viewing and recording video on the internet even easier.

Many internet cameras look like traditional security cams, but consumers these days demand hidden cameras (nanny cams) with webcam capabilities. IP cameras are now hidden in a wide array of forms, from a book to a clock radio to a DVD player.

IP Camera Installation

Does My Computer Need to be Turned On To Use an Internet Camera?

Generally no, but it depends on the type of camera and it is set up. When you are using a Personal Computer as a network access point, instead of connecting directly to the network from the camera then the PC will need to remain on.

What is the Difference Between a Standard Webcam and a PTZ Internet Camera?

PTZ is an abbreviation for Pan, Tilt and Zoom. PTZ cameras can be controlled and viewed by various users. Just like a standard network camera, but it has the ability to be moved remotely. Unlike a traditional fixed camera a PTZ allows a user to adjust the camera’s view as needed.


Do I Need to Purchase Additional Software to Use An Internet Camera?

This can vary by the camera. Most IP Cameras will come with necessary software required to configure and operate your camera. Most of the time they include recording software. Some also include more advanced features, like the ability to view multiple camera viewing and send text/email motion alerts.

If your camera does not include the features you need, there are many NVR (Network Video Recorder) programs are available for purchase to add other capabilities.

Remote Monitoring with Wireless IP Camera

How Does an IP Camera Work?

Instead of transmitting data over a cable to a DVR or Monitor, a Webcam transmits digital video over a wired or wireless data connection. Everything that is required to transfer images and/or sound over your network is built into the unit. The Internet camera is connected directly to the network, just like other network devices. Depending on the type of camera you have it may save video to an attached memory card or drive, stream captured video to the internet, connect to another device on your network for storage.

An IP camera captures images just like any digital camera. Its different because of its ability to compress files and transmit them to a network. If your building is equipped with a network, the required infrastructure is in place to install Internet Cameras. If you are adding one or a multiple cameras, you may use a decentralized network camera, that has its own control interface and storage built in. When Mr Security Camera is installing multiple network cameras we usually use a centralized network camera which requires a (NVR) Network Video Recorder .

A Network Video Recorder is a program that stores video and/or audio from network cameras and allow you to view multiple cameras at the same time. It is similar to a DVR, but NVR needs the cameras to encode the video. The NVR simply stores data allowing for centralized remote viewing. Network Video Recording software is installed on an existing device and sometimes a dedicated device with its own operating system. Hybrid systems exist which are available that can accept both analog and IP inputs. These systems will usually allow analog cameras to be viewed remotely as well as network cameras.

What’s a Static IP Address and Why Do I Need It?

When a device is on a network, you access it by entering the IP (Internet Protocol) address into any web browser. (ISPs) Internet service providers supply a dynamic IP address to almost everyone. A dynamic IP address is just like a phone number that adjusts every time a device disconnects, while a static IP address never changes.

Only a ISP can provide you with a Static or Dynamic IP address and they typically charge a monthly service fee for a Static IP. In order for you to obtain constant access to your Internet Cameras you will need a Static IP address. If your ISP is unable to give you a static IP, there are also third party services are able to provide a virtual Static IP address. Most are free to use, and a simple internet search will provide a multitude of options.

Biometric Scanners

Biometric Scanner

Biometric Scanners

Mr Security Camera is constantly staying up on the latest technology and we only provide each of our customers the best our industry has to provide. Biometric scanners are the most advanced input devices access control systems have to offer.

Each scanner has a custom database for authorized personnel. Keys and key cards can be stolen or lost which can leave gaps in security for hours or even days. While biometrics scanners provide complete protection against unauthorized access. Some scanners have a built in data base within the scanner while others link back to a PC or Head End.

For a custom estimate on Biometric scanners contact Mr Security Camera at (916) 672-2660 today.

Biometric Scanner

Biometric Scanner

Biometric systems can seem complicated, but they all use the same three steps:

  • Enrollment: The first time your employees use a biometric system, it records their basic information, like their name and an identification number. Then the system captures an image or recording of their specific trait.

  • Storage: Contrary to what you see in movies these days, all systems don’t store the complete recording or image. Instead they analyze your specific trait and translate that into a code or graph for the system to analyze. Some systems also record the data onto a smart card that they can carry with them.

  • Comparison: The next time your employees use the system, it compares the same trait they present to the information on file. Then, it either rejects or accepts that they are who they claim to be..

Some employers use biometric scanners to provide the most accurate time card management. This requires each employee to be present at the time of check in. This prevents other employees from punching a co workers time card or a employee from reporting the wrong time on your time management software.

Biometric scanners are an integral piece of every commercial security system from protecting confidential information to protecting your bottom line. 

Access Control System Installations

Access Control System Installations Sacramento ca.

Access Control System Installations

Access Systems Control

Access Control System Installations Sacramento ca.

Access Control Systems utilize technology and procedures to maintain access for whom is able to go where and when they may enter that area. An Access Control System is made of: input/output devices to manipulate ingress/egress (doors, windows, and related equipment) systems. In order, to maintain and manipulate information regarding a known risk system and to manage information regarding personnel there is a central database. An Access Control System has multiple components: (Doors) entryways, locking devices (Locks), sensors to monitor if the door is open or closed. Verification devices are used to properly identify authorized users, and devices to allow exiting from the secure area to the outside. Notification Protocols contained in an external system to control devices within the system such as a PC.

Call Mr Security Camera (916) 672-2660 to assist you with the complete installation and facilitation of your custom access control system.

Biometric Access Control System

Biometric Access Control System

Access Control Systems benefit using technology within accordance in clearly defined and carefully built security procedures allow an organization to create a highly effective means of managing risk. Risk management is when an organization is able to minimize their vulnerability to losses. Companies without effective means to manage risk, and associated costs often see a severe impact in short-term profits and a rise in costs to offset losses.

Access Control Systems require four basic technologies in order to function adequately; PC (personal computer) to manage overall system control of all input devices (devices that detect conditions or events not specifically a door) Access Control doors and the related peripherals, including card readers, keypads, etc. Output Devices are items that respond directly to the input devices. (How they interact is explained below.)

Bio-Metric Scanner

Bio-Metric Scanner

System Architecture

Before we examine specific Access Control components, we will discuss briefly the architecture involved in an Access Control System. The systems architecture has three basic levels: field controllers, entry/exit devices, and the head end. The “head end” provides the system management capability for all the devices in the network and related information. The “Head End” is typically a personal computer (PC) that receives input information and initiates a signal at the appropriate locations with Basic Access Control Technologies devices. Operator interfacing takes place at the head end (PC).

In most systems now, field controllers, reside between the PC and the entry/exit devices; field controllers provide most of the moment-to-moment controls for the Access Control System. In older systems without the use of intelligent field controllers the PC almost exclusively provided these controls, and when a fault occurs and the (PC) head end goes offline, the entire system became unresponsive. Thankfully today this is not the case. In today’s systems, when the head end is offline, the field controllers ensure the system continues to operate in an effective manner.

Entry/Exit Devices are the “end-of-the-line” components. Working with field controllers, these low level components are able to provide minimal decision making capability independent (PC), to ensure a basic usage of Access Control functionality in case of a fault.

Access Control System Installations Sacramento ca

Head End (PC)

The PC functions as a control unit for the system. The PC receives processes and relays data to other devices within the Access Control network. It provides the operator a display to monitor system and day to day operations. In addition, the PC provides the operator a means to “interrogate” the system thoroughly, meaning the operator is able to request specific information about the status of the system and any of the devices within the system. They can also initiate specific actions at any specified location within the system from the Head End.

The PC also stores data and allows the operator to retrieve information, create reports, and back-up any data. In the larger applications requiring advanced systems there may be multiple control units (PC)s located throughout the system. It also should be noted that as we design security systems we prefer to have Access Control systems built on a its own Local Area Network (LAN). This provides significant advantages over the systems which exist on an organization’s main LAN.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Field Controllers

These days, security/surveillance systems are networked together. More importantly, they feature “distributed architectures.” This basically means that instead of having all processing capabilities residing at the head end (PC), processing is “distributed” at many points throughout the network. Field controllers provide this additional processing.

A field controller contains:  a CPU (central processing unit), Network communications capability, I/O (input/output) modules (printed circuit boards), card reader modules (printed circuit boards).

Field controllers allow the system to continue to function when the head end (PC) is temporarily unavailable or if another section in the system is down. If this happens, the field controllers store all event activity in order to upload later to the head end (PC) once the system is functional again. If a field controller has requirement for additional information to process a command, it can request information from the head end (PC). Additionally, scheduled exchanges of required data between the head end (PC) and the field controllers allow tracking for events to be logged into history and the current information made available to the field controllers. Also note, our security networks are custom designed to use the industry standard communications protocols. This ensures high level of reliability and minimum down time in the event of component failures.

Access Control System Installations Sacramento california

Input Devices

Input devices are connected to Access Control Systems and any detector which reports their status to a PC electronically. The purpose is to provide data to the processor in regards to the current conditions at any given location.  Typically they include a wide range of detector types, including: glass break detectors, motion detectors, panic buttons, temperature monitors, ETC.

In addition, to the devices listed above there are additional functioning items that physically reside near or on a door. These devices provide data specifically related to if the door’s open or closed.

Each of these devices provides data directly to the head end (PC) The Head end (PC) can perform a variety of analysis, the modern user interfaces and a wide range of output options.

Access Control System Installations Sacramento

Access Doors and Related Peripherals

There are many intricate devices designed in order to control the status of a door. These devices include; door contact switches place requests with exit devices, card readers and/or keypad devices. Door position indicators show the current status of a door and reveal whether it’s open or closed. They are basic electrical devices, by completing a circuit when the door is closed.

Request exit devices are simple electrical switches. These devices are used to indicate someone inside the secured side of the Access Control Door wants to have the door unlocked. This action is typically reported to the PC.

Keypads and Card Readers are perhaps they are the most sophisticated door peripherals used in operation of a Control System. These particular devices, usually exist as a integrated or single unit

Finally, each Access Control door is equipped with a locking mechanism. Either an magnetic lock or electric door strike which can be manipulated by a field controller.

Card Readers and Keypads Card

Keypad Card Readers and Card Readers are devices that read data from the users supplied card. There are a wide variety of distinct media used for these cards: proximity (active or passive), magnetic stripe, bar code, Passive proximity cards, all contain electronic circuitry (including an antennas) which stores the ID data. Each time these cards pass near a reader, then electrical energy radiating from the reader charges the circuitry in the card. Then the circuitry transmits the data (ID information) on the card to the reader. Each card proximity card maintains its own power source. This “on-board” power supply their by increases the range.  Proximity card technology is easy-to use and provides a high level of security. Each card stores information in a unique fashion.


Night Vision Camera Installations

Night Vision Camera Installation sacramento ca.

Night Vision Camera Installations


There are many security cameras for one to use in this industry. One of the most popular security cameras out there are the night vision security cameras because they watch over your property at night while you are either away from your home or just sleeping in your room. We all have to sleep it is a part of our daily routine, so during this time we are unable to be watchful of our surroundings with out help. That is where our night vision security  cameras come in handy.

For more information on Night Vision Camera Installations Call Mr Security Camera (916) 672-2660. We also provide a complete evaluation and estimate for free.

Night Vision Camera Install sacramento ca.



They surveillance your property while you may be out of town or sleeping in your bed. With our night vision security cameras you get that comfort and peace of mind that someone is watching over your property for you while you may not be. These essential keys are the reason why night vision security cameras are as popular with our customer’s as they are.

Night Vision Camera Installation sacramento ca.


Choosing good security camera for your home is always a difficult decision, but with us there is no better choice. With the best technology and the most update cameras you will get the service you need and deserve. With our night vision security cameras you will have the clearest cameras on the market with the best options available for you.

 night vision camera installation sacramento ca

 Our night vision security cameras come equipped with IR illuminators that can see in complete darkness, and provide perfected video performance in the worst of conditions. Night vision security cameras use light that has wavelengths go farther than 700 nanometers, which in most cases are invisible to the human eye. Mr. security camera offers a wide range of night vision camera options including  850 nm and 940 nm infrared wavelength for ‘no glow’ . An infrared camera is perfect for night applications or for video surveillance in poor lighting conditions. Many of our IR cameras feature infrared illumination using photocell activation, which automatically switches on and off the camera’s illuminators as lighting conditions change.

night vision camera installation sacramento


For more information on Night Vision Camera Installations Call Mr Security Camera (916) 672-2660. We also provide a complete evaluation and estimate for free.

Security Camera Installation Types

All Security Camera Installation Types

What happens while you are away from home? Does the cleaning lady take a little money from the found in the laundry fund? Does your nosy neighbor come by to peek in your windows? Does your repair man watch the pay per view channels on your television while you are at work?

In addition to these minor concerns, more major worries about break ins, thefts, and loss of property conducted by intruders can weigh heavily on the minds of private individuals and professionals who find it necessary to be away from their home or business. The loss of protection associated with leaving a home without surveillance is enough to urge anyone to purchase a network of security cameras.

Who Could Benefit from the Use of a Security Camera?

While almost anyone can benefit from buying security cameras to protect a home, there are some groups which can see an even bigger boost in security.

People Who Own Homes

Home owners love security cameras. Adding extra protection for the people and objects that you have worked hard to keep safe can ease the minds of many home owners. Owners can also use security cameras to protect items such as boats, ATVs, off road vehicles, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and other toys which may not be immediately visible from a a home. In the past, people who owned homes were less likely to go on vacation because they felt that their home was at risk for break-ins. Now, with the security camera technology much improved, it is possible to monitor a home from remote locations through the internet.

Apartment Building Owners

The owners of apartment buildings have a number of problems to manage. The difficult added responsibility of protecting residents and conducting surveillance of an apartment building can be enough to drive any landlord crazy. Adding security cameras to the security system of an apartment building can help a building owner to watch the happenings of various sectors of a building in one secure location.

School Administrators

School children are under the constant threat of people who wish to intrude on their education, sick people who prey on children. In addition, schools have been seeing an increase in violent activities conducting by students, including stabbings and shootings. Adding a system of security cameras to a school can help to protect students and teachers from school violence through preventative measures.


Like apartment buildings, hotels face the constant coming and going of individuals. Preventing theft and violence is a top goal of hotel owners. Saving a hotel from property damage and being able to catch security threats quickly and efficiently.

Parents of Small Children

Small children are unable to defend themselves against threatening adults. For this reason, installing a security camera at the entrance of a home can help children to determine whether or not they know that person at the door and whether they should open the door to let the visitor inside.

Small Businesses

Small businesses need security, but do not have the budget to buy a lot of equipment or employ security guards. A security camera can be the solution that such a business needs.

Large Corporations

Every large corporation should own a system of security cameras to protect the people, information, and equipment that is required to make the company run smoothly.

Security Camera Installation Types

There are several different types of security cameras available. The type of camera that you choose should depend upon how and where you are going to use it, and how much space you have to utilize. These include:

Nanny Cams

Nanny cams, also known as hidden cameras, are often disguised as a functional item. These hidden cameras make it possible to legally watch a babysitter, nanny, repairman, or housekeeper without detection. Minicams continue to be popular among people who would like to monitor the care of their children while they are out working.


Dome shaped cameras blend in more easily than bullet cameras and make it less possible to detect a camera’s range and angle.


Bullet cameras are in a cylindrical shape. They can easily be hidden and capture across a wide range of view. Bullet cameras are used for both residential and commercial applications.


Infrared cameras detect light below the visible ranges. This means that a camera can capture an image even in the dark.

How Security Cameras Work

Security cameras work by capturing a series of images, or frames, and transmitting them to a television and/or recording device. Cameras may transmit images either wireless or through a building electrical system. Wireless cameras may use WiFi to transmit an image to a computer or other enabled device. The footage captured by a security camera may then be viewed through a playback function,, or zoomed in on. Because every security camera is unique, it is a poor end to consult the user’s guide or manual before attempting to use a security camera.

Security cameras come with many different features and have a variety of applications for which they are intended. When shopping for a security camera, it is important to consider what the camera will be used for, how often it will be used, and how much of an area it is supposed to cover.