(916) 672-2660 Point of sale (POS or Checkout) is where a retail or commercial transaction is completed. These systems are used when a customer makes a payment to the merchant in exchange for goods or services. Installation and configuration can be a simple task for few, or a daunting task for most. Mr Security Camera offers all types of Point of Sale systems POS System installation solutions, from simple cash registers to customized hardware and software specifically designed for your business.


POS System Installations

POS Systems Installations sacramento

POS System Installations

Point of sale (POS or Checkout) is where a retail or commercial transaction is completed. These systems are used when a customer makes a payment to the merchant in exchange for goods or services. Installation and configuration can be a simple task for few, or a daunting task for most. Mr Security Camera offers all types of Point of Sale systems POS System installation solutions,  from simple cash registers to customized hardware and software specifically designed for your business.

Point of Sale Systems can be extremely complicated to install, we always suggest having a trained professional. Call Mr Security Camera today for a complete evaluation and free estimate on POS System Installations (916) 672-2660.

POS Systems Installations sacramento


Here at Mr Security Camera we take care of all the hardware set up for your checkout devices. We connect your remote printers, card swipe device, cash drawer, and bar-code scanners directly to your computer. The system is then upgraded by downloading the most current drivers and additional software required to operate with ease. Then our technicians will give you a step by step walk through of how your entire system works.

POS Systems Installation sacramento ca

Software Integration

Mr Security Camera provides custom software development for your POS needs. We provide complete integration and technical support for all the services we establish. Just a few things our previous client’s software had integrated; payment processing services, (CRM) Client Relationship Management software, line item accounting to QuickBooks POS, Peachtree, ETC.

All our Point-of-Sale systems are Pre-configured and pre-loaded with the needed software, hardware drivers and other updates before they arrive at your business. We aim to make the entire process as simple as possible for you.  We configure the entire Point of Sale system to your business and get your system running as quickly as possible.

POS Systems Installations sacramento ca

Most individuals prefer the knowledge and comfort of an experienced technician on site assisting them step by step with the implementation of the entire system. Also, our technicians will give you a tutorial as to how to operate your Checkout System. This usually includes installing network cables to link your entire system together, setting up internet access on the terminal and installing the Point of Sale hardware. Plus, you get the assistance of having your questions answered on site by our trained technician. In most cases, with remote printers, multiple systems, back office configurations, additional hardware components, and specialty programs can all be taken care of onsite.


Digital Video Recorder Installation

Wireless DVR Camera Installation sacramento ca

Digital Video Recorder Installation

Commercial Digital Data and Voice Security

Commercial Digital Data and Voice Security

Don’t let the security of your home or business come compromised. If you have a CCTV system and do not have a digital video recording device, call Mr Security Camera today (916) 672-2660

In the past, security cameras operated a lot differently with out the integration of Digital Video Recorder Installation into the network. They tended to be close circuit recorded using a transmit video that transferred all of its data to a television and was recorded by a VCR. With the advancement of DVDs and DVRs, VCR videotapes have become all but obsolete and are no longer a practical means of recording video on.

Tapes also tend to take up space and clutter an area, this space can better be utilized by not having to store tapes or a bulky VCR. VCR‘s lack subtlety and in many cases are accidentally turned off. And it’s very simple to accidentally record over a VCR recording, this increases the possibility of evidence being deleted and lost forever. Aside from the size and outdated technology, Videotapes are a gamble at best when it comes to catching an intruder or anyone else that is a threat to your security.

Digital Video Recorder Installations Sacramento

With technology evolving daily the methods of storing videos has improved drastically over the last couple of years. Sophisticated camera systems now have a call for a far better method of recording and viewing important surveillance videos. In most cases recordings are now saved by a digital video recorder or DVR. You will find that DVRs are far more accurate and convenient for several reasons and provide a higher degree of efficiency and quality. When files are stored digitally, they take up very little “space”. And the physical dimensions of a DVR are are much smaller then their previous counterparts.

Recording/Transmissions can be organized easily in any variation of date/time and/or camera view. In addition to the convenience of storage, sophisticated software allows you to edit and view transmissions very conveniently, this allows better visibility of a scene that has been captured by a surveillance system. DVRs and quality CCTV systems have changed everything. It has made the difference between catching a thief or staring blankly at a blurry video thinking to your self.. “is that a man or a woman? I can’t tell.”. Digital Recording has begun to let many create a safer world and environment for themselves one Affordable Digital Video Recorder at a time.

Audio Video Display Installations Sacramento California

Who Needs a Digital Video Recorder?

There are several people who could benefit from the use of a digital video recorder Installation. An important element in considering the right DVR for your needs is its functionality and ability to integrate with your current interface. If you have a security camera system installed it is recommended that you save the video transmissions on a digital video recorder for later viewing if you are not doing so already. There are several applications where a security camera system should be installed including but not limited to: homeowners with valuable property inside their homes or have little ones that would like to feel more confident in the security of their lives.



Business owners who want to protect their business from losses to employees and/or thief’s should invest in a quality CCTV system. Large institutions like prisons, hospitals or even schools have the need to monitor activities in hallways, cells, classrooms or patient rooms, these institution can save a lot of unnecessary costs by replacing security guards with a surveillance system. Digital Video Recorders help to expedite the process of reviewing and monitoring an area effectively. To start benefiting from the installation of a security camera system and/or Digital Video Recording Installations please call us today for a free estimate.

Audio Video Display Installations Sacramento ca

Types of Digital Video Recorders

There are several different types of Digital Video Recorders, each will provide a different experience when it comes to the monitoring of your CCTV system. Many systems come with the ability to be viewed remotely over the internet from anywhere in the world. For many individuals this function is a must, for others it is a bit excessive. There are systems that allow for the ability to be integrated into your cash registers or POS systems. There are Digital Video Recorders that can be integrated with an access control system. Others can be scheduled to record certain time blocks. DVRs are set up in such a way that it makes the task of finding a thief easier for local law enforcement. As mentioned before there are several different types of Digital Video Recorders, any number of them could be a good fit for you. If you would like a free consultation to find out what would be a good fit for your unique application please call us today.

Audio Video Display Installations Sacramento ca.

How do Digital Video Recorders work? You might be asking…

DVRs work hand in hand with surveillance systems. A surveillance camera system transmits audio or video (or both) to a Digital Video Recorder, the DVR then stores the information on an integrated or removable storage device (IE.  hard drive, USB flash drive, etc.). You
are then able to review the file on a television or integrated device.

These systems often include the ability to edit the video, increasing the sharpness, allowing you to better see facial features while also being able to zoom in on specific characteristics that may be important to you. By having all of your cameras transmit to the same digital recording device you will be able to efficiently review and store files for up to several months at a time. Remote Access allows a home/business owner to view their home or place of business from anywhere in the world. This now means you can go on vacation and still manage your business while drinking a Mai Tai on the beach.



Surveillance System Installations

Hidden Camera Installations Sacramento ca

Do I need a Surveillance System Installation?

What is a Surveillance System Installation?  

Surveillance System Installations – Imagine being anywhere in the world and having “eyes in the back of your head” or ears that hear what others do not. What if you could “see through walls”, or see in the dark? Imagine being able to do it without anyone noticing. It wouldn’t make you a super hero; it would just mean that you were intelligent enough to invest in a surveillance system.

If you have invested in a Camera System you’re ahead of the curve and are already recording, saving and remembering anything and everything that happens in or around your home or business. When you install one of our surveillance systems, you will have taken one of the first steps in protecting your way of life. By integrating a security system with surveillance equipment you will maximize your defense against those that would try to threaten your security.

For more information on a complete installation of a Surveillance System Call Mr Security Camera (916) 672-2660.

 surveillance system sacramento ca

Who needs a surveillance system installed?

Family Surveillance Systems

If you have a family, then you have more to lose than anyone. You have worked hard to attain your property and life style. And you have children that you cherish more than anything in the world. It only makes sense to add as much security to your kingdom as possible. You can see what’s going on at your home while you’re away. It will never again be a concern of whether or not your Nanny is influencing  your children the way they should be. With the installation of a CCTV surveillance system you will be protecting your precious items from burglars, intruders and other threats to you and your families’ security.


Small Businesses and Surveillance

If you own a small business ,  you are in a position to lose everything, since you are  not a corporation that can lose thousands of dollars without flinching. All it takes is a few big losses in a month and you end up looking at the books wondering what happened and how you’re going to catch up. The smaller you are the more you need to protect your business and assets. Imagine being able to sit pool side at your home  and rely on a Surveillance System to display all aspects  of your business all the way down to the POS. That’s right keep track of your Point Of Sale with a surveillance system. Keep your employees honest and thief’s under the radar and traceable. Imagine being able to record and track the license plates of every individual that drives into your parking lot. Or being able to hand over a clear picture of a perp and evidence of his/her dishonesty to your local law enforcement. It reduces the risk of loss to your business and increases your confidence in being a business owner.  Call us today for a free estimate on a surveillance system installation and take the first step in protecting yourself.

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Large Corporations Surveillance Systems

If you own a large corporation you have probably experienced several losses since the day you started your business, from bad investments down to the stealing of office supplies by your employees. Imagine being able to record every moment with a surveillance system and go back and “remember” everything with crystal clear clarity.  Large corporations are usually the first to experience break-ins, embezzlement and theft. As a large corporation you stand to lose a lot of money and in many cases, without even realizing it until after it’s too late. Call us “Mr. Security Camera” for a free estimate and a custom Surveillance System Installation. Start protecting your self today and reduce the possibility of anything catastrophic happening to your business.

Medical Facilities Surveillance Systems

A medical facility typically has an open door policy; anyone can walk in and request service or request to see a patient. With such a policy it only makes sense to be able to monitor the happenings of visitors into such a facility. By installing a surveillance system you will be protecting the patients the staff visitors and mostly important the doctors. Start protecting your medical facility and your staff, call us for a security camera system today.

surveillance systems sacramento ca


Apartment Buildings Surveillance Systems

When you own an apartment building you soon learn that there are sometimes problems with domestic disputes, break-ins, along with other disturbances. Realistically it’s impossible to monitor your property 24 hours a day.  Install a surveillance system and start seeing what goes on at all times of the day, even when you’re not there.


School Surveillance Systems

If your child goes to a public school it is probably a small concern always in the back of your mind as to whether or not you can trust the school system with such a precious aspect of your life. We are in an age where some adults want to threaten their safety. By installing a surveillance system into a school you are protecting the children from not only outside influences but from inside influences as well. You are able to make sure the teachers are using curriculum that is suitable for today’s youth and also to make sure that they are providing an environment conducive to the best possible education of your children. See your local PTA  about installing   surveillance systems in your school.

There are many different types of Surveillance Systems. 

Which is the best for you?
When considering the best system for yourself there are a few things to consider. How much is your budget going to be? How effective do you need your surveillance system to be? (Do you need to see specific detail or do you just need to make sure that the nanny is not teaching your children how to climb on the counters?). Does your technology need to be the best of the best or does your surveillance system just need to make sure that your employees are getting into the safe. Whatever your needs are we will customize a system to your budget and your needs.

surveillance system installations sacramento


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Some types of systems to consider will be a Closed Circuit Television or CCTV System.
This is the most traditional form of surveillance systems. This is a system that you will typically see in liquor stores, malls, store parking lots, residential applications etc.

Wired Digital

A wired Digital Camera works the same as a CCTV system except it ties directly into your computer and gives you the ability to edit audio and video and is connected to the main power system of your house or building


Wireless Digital

A wireless digital surveillance system will transmit video and audio through a wireless connection so that you can review the images of a single camera remotely this technology is new and still in the developmental stages.  However there are added benefits such as not having to run wires through your home or business and its also less detectable.


Hidden surveillance system installations are on the rise, especially when pertaining to child care. A Hidden camera or nanny cam are legal and can help to protect your belongings or children without being detected.

Hidden Camera Installations Sacramento ca

How Surveillance Systems Work

If you’re wondering how a Surveillance System Works then look no further. Although there are many variations of security systems and the way that they work, they all operate under similar principles. A camera monitors and transmits and video/audio signal, that signal in most cases is received by a recording device, such as a hard drive on a computer or a digital video recorder. Your videos are then stored on that device and can be reviewed at a later date. A surveillance system can be integrated with just about any other security system, access control panel or POS system on today’s market.


Call your professionals  “Mr Security Camera” to install your system today! (916) 672-2660