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Nanny Cams


Hidden Camera Installations

Hidden Camera Installations Sacramento ca

Hidden Camera Installations

Its sneaking across the nation providing everyone with eyes in unsuspecting places. Leaving others to act freely and unassuming. Mr Security Camera is keeping accountability alive, one Hidden Camera Installations at a time…

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Hidden Camera Installations Sacramento

Hidden Camera Installations Sacramento caWho Uses Hidden Cameras

Hidden security cameras are not just for international spies anymore, with the advancements in technology. You don’t have to be James Bond to have hidden cameras within pen’s or an alarm clock. With the drastic developments of technology hidden surveillance is more accessible and affordable than ever. Many homes and small business are utilizing hidden security systems to enhance the protection of their interests, employees, and most importantly their family. Owning a security system creates greater protection against intruders and thieves. Adding a hidden camera surveillance system is a covert way to remotely monitor any home or business. These systems provide a personal protection against theft and a priceless preservation of family or business.

A main group of consumers looking for protection are parents of young children. It is becoming far more common that in many homes, both parents work in order to sustain a sufficient lifestyle for their children. This necessitates the hiring of a nanny or a child care professional, which is extremely concerning to say the least. Even if a babysitter or nanny has excellent references, he/she can still pose a substantial risk to your child. Parents set on protecting their children from abuse and negligence are choosing to invest in hidden camera systems. In recent years this has become so popular that hidden security cameras are often being called “nanny cams”.

Hidden Camera Installations Sacramento ca.

In addition to defending your children against being mistreated, the installation of a hidden home security camera allows parents who wish to watch their children during the day. Many parents worry incessantly about their children and family while they are at work. Having a way to check in on your children can help to soothe your separation anxiety and concerns.

Besides ensuring parents about the safety of their children by creating a sense of security, protecting homes and businesses from intruders and thieves, a hidden camera can have many beneficial uses. In a house where contractors are consistently remodeling and working, it can be advantageous to bring in cameras to protect the home and family.  Or while you’re on vacation you can use your camera as a house sitter to create peace of mind in your absence.


Types of Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are quite diverse in terms of their design and application within the house. Many hidden cameras are actually housed in fully functional appliances and household objects. Among the popular designs for hidden cameras are tissue boxes, alarm clocks, soda cans, air fresheners, wall clocks, digital picture frames, smoke detectors, desk lamps, carbon monoxide detectors, and even books. They have also developed a wide variety of outdoor cameras including but not limited to bird feeders, mailboxes, peepholes, and hard-to-find tree cams.

 Hidden Camera Installations Sacramento

The video cameras can also differentiate in their tech specs, some cameras can transmit in black and white or color. Many cameras use wireless networks to transmit signals to receivers or computers, while some still work on old-fashioned closed circuit television system.  While, Resolution of images vary as does movement capabilities and adaptability.

Some cameras are consistently monitoring a room, while other hidden cameras are activated by motion detectors. Most of these nanny cams don’t include audio. However, if sound essential and you cannot live without it, few cameras exist that make your selection a top priority. The recording and broadcasting capabilities of these hidden cameras diverge as well as we discussed before. There is so much variability in Nanny Cams that they need to be carefully researched to fit the needs of your family.


Nanny Cam Installations

Nanny Camera Installations sacramento

Nanny Cam Installations

With several  nanny cam installations available and on the market today, there are many choices for those that would like to protect their little ones. What is a nanny cam? You might be asking and how necessary is it. Read on and find out how helpful and functional nanny cams are. This will allow you to make the right choice of nanny cam for your appropriate needs. Only you can decide which set up is going to be the best for you.

For a more information or a free estimate on nanny cam installations call Mr. Security Camera at 916-672-2660

Nanny Camera Installations sacramento


Several definitions regarding nanny cams exist, but it’s the same idea across the board. The most common definition of a nanny cam is: “A Nanny Cam is a type of surveillance device that is concealed to the naked eye”

Nanny Camera Installations

One of the most common end results from this conclusion is that nanny cams are used by individuals that have issues with paranoia or are desperate to force control over a situation. This is a common misconception. Nanny cams are typically used by small-scale and major operations for private or commercial applications. With crime consistently on the rise, there is desire and need for these devices. There is no end to a person’s need for a security camera that is undetected. A great commercial application is when you own a packing and shipping facility and are experiencing frequent accounts of stolen freight. Install a nanny cam, the problem will be solved and the perpetrator is on his or her way to jail. The most common residential application is where the name “nanny cam” came from. Imagine being able to make sure that the “nanny” or child care provider is appropriately watching over and guiding your little ones. By calling “Mr. Security Camera” about a nanny cam you are taking a step in the direction of ensuring the safety of you children.

Imaging being at work and simply being able to sign into a network and monitor your baby’s room. This will give you peace of mind and makes you fully aware of all happenings around the home. Some parents have come home to see that their little ones have bruises and there is no explanation for it. Now you can find answers. Were they just being kids and acquired the bruise naturally or do you have a nanny that shouldn’t be trusted around kids.

Nanny Cam Installations sacramento ca

If a hidden nanny cam’s footage reveals that their small child is being treated badly by a nanny or caretaker, you will have solid evidence to turn over to the authorities. You will now be able to press charges and keep a dangerous person away from other children. Many parents have suspected abuse and realize that they need to safeguard their home. After doing so they no longer have to be concerned about their children’s welfare while they are away.

You can have a nanny cam record to an external device like a DVR. Which can then be tied into a network, so that you can view your home and happenings at all times.


Security Camera Installation Types

All Security Camera Installation Types

What happens while you are away from home? Does the cleaning lady take a little money from the found in the laundry fund? Does your nosy neighbor come by to peek in your windows? Does your repair man watch the pay per view channels on your television while you are at work?

In addition to these minor concerns, more major worries about break ins, thefts, and loss of property conducted by intruders can weigh heavily on the minds of private individuals and professionals who find it necessary to be away from their home or business. The loss of protection associated with leaving a home without surveillance is enough to urge anyone to purchase a network of security cameras.

Who Could Benefit from the Use of a Security Camera?

While almost anyone can benefit from buying security cameras to protect a home, there are some groups which can see an even bigger boost in security.

People Who Own Homes

Home owners love security cameras. Adding extra protection for the people and objects that you have worked hard to keep safe can ease the minds of many home owners. Owners can also use security cameras to protect items such as boats, ATVs, off road vehicles, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and other toys which may not be immediately visible from a a home. In the past, people who owned homes were less likely to go on vacation because they felt that their home was at risk for break-ins. Now, with the security camera technology much improved, it is possible to monitor a home from remote locations through the internet.

Apartment Building Owners

The owners of apartment buildings have a number of problems to manage. The difficult added responsibility of protecting residents and conducting surveillance of an apartment building can be enough to drive any landlord crazy. Adding security cameras to the security system of an apartment building can help a building owner to watch the happenings of various sectors of a building in one secure location.

School Administrators

School children are under the constant threat of people who wish to intrude on their education, sick people who prey on children. In addition, schools have been seeing an increase in violent activities conducting by students, including stabbings and shootings. Adding a system of security cameras to a school can help to protect students and teachers from school violence through preventative measures.


Like apartment buildings, hotels face the constant coming and going of individuals. Preventing theft and violence is a top goal of hotel owners. Saving a hotel from property damage and being able to catch security threats quickly and efficiently.

Parents of Small Children

Small children are unable to defend themselves against threatening adults. For this reason, installing a security camera at the entrance of a home can help children to determine whether or not they know that person at the door and whether they should open the door to let the visitor inside.

Small Businesses

Small businesses need security, but do not have the budget to buy a lot of equipment or employ security guards. A security camera can be the solution that such a business needs.

Large Corporations

Every large corporation should own a system of security cameras to protect the people, information, and equipment that is required to make the company run smoothly.

Security Camera Installation Types

There are several different types of security cameras available. The type of camera that you choose should depend upon how and where you are going to use it, and how much space you have to utilize. These include:

Nanny Cams

Nanny cams, also known as hidden cameras, are often disguised as a functional item. These hidden cameras make it possible to legally watch a babysitter, nanny, repairman, or housekeeper without detection. Minicams continue to be popular among people who would like to monitor the care of their children while they are out working.


Dome shaped cameras blend in more easily than bullet cameras and make it less possible to detect a camera’s range and angle.


Bullet cameras are in a cylindrical shape. They can easily be hidden and capture across a wide range of view. Bullet cameras are used for both residential and commercial applications.


Infrared cameras detect light below the visible ranges. This means that a camera can capture an image even in the dark.

How Security Cameras Work

Security cameras work by capturing a series of images, or frames, and transmitting them to a television and/or recording device. Cameras may transmit images either wireless or through a building electrical system. Wireless cameras may use WiFi to transmit an image to a computer or other enabled device. The footage captured by a security camera may then be viewed through a playback function,, or zoomed in on. Because every security camera is unique, it is a poor end to consult the user’s guide or manual before attempting to use a security camera.

Security cameras come with many different features and have a variety of applications for which they are intended. When shopping for a security camera, it is important to consider what the camera will be used for, how often it will be used, and how much of an area it is supposed to cover.