(916) 672-2660 Mr Security Camera is a leading security service provider in the Greater Sacramento area. For several years we have been providing Business Owners and Homeowners in Sacramento and Surrounding areas with Loss Prevention methods and personal protection products. Our daily goal is to provide the most professional installations and services of security cameras, remote access, access control systems, video surveillance systems and custom security alarms for all residential and commercial applications. We aim to become the leading service provider of custom surveillance systems across the nation by exceeding our client’s expectations of service and professionalism. Mr Security Camera is building toward “Protecting the Lives of Thousands, One Family or Business at a Time”. Serving Citys: Sacramento Ca, Antelope Ca, Arden Arcade Ca, Carmichael Ca, Clay Ca, Courtland Ca, Elverta Ca, Fair Oaks Ca, Florin Ca, Foothill Farms Ca, Franklin Ca, Freeport Ca, Fruitridge Pocket Ca, Gold River Ca, Herald Ca, Hood Ca, La Riviera Ca, Lemon Hill Ca, Locke Ca, Mather Ca, McClellan Park Ca, North Highlands Ca, Orangevale Ca, Parkway Ca, Rancho Murieta Ca, Rio Linda Ca, Rosemont Ca, Vineyard Ca, Walnut Grove Ca, Wilton Ca, Citrus Heights Ca, Elk Grove Ca, Folsom Ca, Galt Ca, Isleton Ca, Rancho Cordova Ca, Alta Ca, Applegate Ca, Baxter Ca, Carnelian Bay Ca, Dollar Point Ca, Dutch Flat Ca, Foresthill Ca, Granite Bay Ca, Kings Beach Ca, Kingvale Ca, Meadow Vista Ca, Newcastle Ca, North Auburn Ca, Ophir Ca, Penryn Ca, Olympic Valley Ca, Sheridan Ca, Sunnyside-Tahoe City Ca, Tahoe Vista Ca, Tahoma Ca, Weimar Ca, Auburn Ca, Colfax Ca, Lincoln Ca, Rocklin Ca, Roseville Ca, Loomis Ca


Wireless DVR Camera Installation

Wireless DVR Camera Installation sacramento

Wireless DVR Camera Installation

Wireless DVR Camera Installation – A DVR which is commonly known as Digital Video Recorder is the core component to the surveillance system with the essential functions of recording and archiving video files, which provides advanced options like remote monitoring.

Mr. Security camera wireless DVR’s provide a secured 24/7 operation with exceptional performance while giving a professional-grade security features that even the most novice person could maneuver without all the wires. View your world like never before with high quality easy to use surveillance system that is the best in the consumer market.

Mr Security Camera has years of experience installing Wireless DVR Systems, Call today for your free estimate (916) 672-2660.

Wireless DVR Camera Installation

With viewing and recording capabilities, producing unprecedented high definition images that are digitally zoomed during live viewing and playback mode. Capture every important event in crystal clear High Definition detail. One of the most important features about the ip wireless DVR is its abilities to record at real time frame rate in its top resolution format without all the hook ups. Your eyes see everyday life at roughly 30 frames per second (fps), Real-Time frame rates range vary from 24fps-30fps.

For example Hollywood movies are filmed at about 24 frames per second, giving them more flexibility while editing. Mr. Security camera’s wireless DVR’s can record up to 30fps real-time at their highest resolution format on multiple channels including; Record, Playback, Back Up & Remotely Control the system simultaneously from anywhere using a simple hot spot!. Making Mr. Security camera’s wireless dvr’s a unique piece of technology unprecedented in its line of work.

Wireless DVR Camera Installation sacramento


Every wireless DVR includes Duty Cycle Security Grade Hard Drive already installed for your convenience, allowing you to record to a specialty hard drive specifically designed for storing surveillance footage, providing you with days, weeks, or even months of reliable video recordings.

Wireless DVR camera installation Sacramento ca


Mr Security camera offers cutting edge technology with advanced security settings like motion recording, real time recording, as well as high definition video. Our top of the line wireless security dvr systems are compatible with any outdoor security cameras. Having a wireless dvr like this gives you the ability to tap in to your live streaming video from the DVR using a wide range of Internet capable smartphones and computers.

DVR wireless installation sacramento

No matter where you maybe be Mr. Security camera strive’s to give you the ability to see your home no matter where you may be, and having the ability to make it wireless makes it that much easier and user friendly.


Mr Security Camera Installation Services

Mr Security Camera Installation Services

Mr Security Camera Installation Services
Access Control System Installations
Alarm System Installations
Audio Video Display Installations
Data Wiring Installations
Digital Video Recorder Installations
DVR Security System Installations
Hidden Camera Installations
Home Theater System Installations
Hosted-VOIP Installations
Media Center System Installations
Networking Installations
PBX Phone System Installations
Phone System Installations
POS System Installations
Remote Monitoring System Installations
Security Consultation
Structured Cabling Installations
Voice and Data Wiring Installations
VoIP and Telephone Line Installations

POS System Installations

POS Systems Installations sacramento

POS System Installations

Point of sale (POS or Checkout) is where a retail or commercial transaction is completed. These systems are used when a customer makes a payment to the merchant in exchange for goods or services. Installation and configuration can be a simple task for few, or a daunting task for most. Mr Security Camera offers all types of Point of Sale systems POS System installation solutions,  from simple cash registers to customized hardware and software specifically designed for your business.

Point of Sale Systems can be extremely complicated to install, we always suggest having a trained professional. Call Mr Security Camera today for a complete evaluation and free estimate on POS System Installations (916) 672-2660.

POS Systems Installations sacramento


Here at Mr Security Camera we take care of all the hardware set up for your checkout devices. We connect your remote printers, card swipe device, cash drawer, and bar-code scanners directly to your computer. The system is then upgraded by downloading the most current drivers and additional software required to operate with ease. Then our technicians will give you a step by step walk through of how your entire system works.

POS Systems Installation sacramento ca

Software Integration

Mr Security Camera provides custom software development for your POS needs. We provide complete integration and technical support for all the services we establish. Just a few things our previous client’s software had integrated; payment processing services, (CRM) Client Relationship Management software, line item accounting to QuickBooks POS, Peachtree, ETC.

All our Point-of-Sale systems are Pre-configured and pre-loaded with the needed software, hardware drivers and other updates before they arrive at your business. We aim to make the entire process as simple as possible for you.  We configure the entire Point of Sale system to your business and get your system running as quickly as possible.

POS Systems Installations sacramento ca

Most individuals prefer the knowledge and comfort of an experienced technician on site assisting them step by step with the implementation of the entire system. Also, our technicians will give you a tutorial as to how to operate your Checkout System. This usually includes installing network cables to link your entire system together, setting up internet access on the terminal and installing the Point of Sale hardware. Plus, you get the assistance of having your questions answered on site by our trained technician. In most cases, with remote printers, multiple systems, back office configurations, additional hardware components, and specialty programs can all be taken care of onsite.


Home Theater and Media Center Installations

Home Theater and Media Center Installations

Home Theater and Media Center Installation

Only a few years ago, a Home Theater and Media Center Installation system was only for the wealthy who could spare a room and thousands of dollars on equipment, furnishings,  and accessories. But Now, as high-definition has become available to the mainstream at a fraction of its historic costs. Almost anyone can integrate Wide Screen televisions and Souped Up audio systems into their home, a true media room is within reach of you and your family.

Call Mr Security Camera today (916) 672-2660 for a free estimate and evaluation of your home media center.

Home theater system installation Sacramento

Home theaters are typically one of three types, 2.1, 5.1 and 7.1 channel surround sound systems. The difference in these systems, is the number of surround speakers that come in the box. Typically, a 7.1 channel system is suggested for a theater standard sound re-creation. Now, home theater systems come with 3D-enabled or multiple channel amplifiers, general receivers, assorted sub-woofer outputs, composite or HDMI ports, different types of video ports like s-video, docks for portable music players, USB ports, FM or satellite radio tuners, Ethernet connectors for internet, multi disc changers etc. The brands we recommended are Altec Lansing, Yamaha, and Bose. (Their prices are very competitive.)


Home Theater and Media Center Installations Sacramento ca


Things we Consider when Installing!

  • Where we should put them, how you desire the ambiance to be inconsideration of your the sitting arrangements.
  • We soundproof the room considering your family or friends in the other rooms.
  • We plan the layouts, diagram, and visualize where to place each of your speakers.
  • You can only imagine wires strewn all over, so we try to segregate them; behind wall fittings place each wire under the carpet, in the corner and label each wire accordingly ETC.
  • Too much light and too little are both inconvenient while watching videos.
  • We consider the use of blinds, screens, dimmer lights you already have in your room.
  • Once installed, we check to see if it they are perfectly arranged by playing some movies with high sound and visual effects to test the speakers one after the other.
  • We also show you a demo as well within your own home.
  • Answer questions if you are not so sure about the features or anything related to your system.

Once we finish this, you can sit back and enjoy and relax with your personal home theater installation. Just try to keep them well maintained so that it always stays versatile as the first time you bought it. If anything ever changes we will always come back

Home Theater and Media Center Installations Sacramento ca.



Security Consultation

Security Consultation

Over the past 10 years we here at Mr. Security Camera strive to give you the best quality in products at the best price. Coming home to a house that you know is secure is the best way to end a long day and we know this. With that being said, we give free no obligation security installation estimates and would love to help you achieve that sense of security. No matter what you are looking for, whether it be for a business or home, or what you have in mind we have an answer and a product that fits your needs.

Security Consultations

Security Consultations

As well as security installation, Mr. Security Camera offers a wide range of products, such as home theater installation for those family nights, to intercom systems allowing you to talk to someone at the entrance of your home from the comfort of your house. We want to meet all your wants and needs because you deserve it.

If you would like a free consultation please contact us at 916-672-2660

Audio Video Display Installations

Audio Video Display Installations Sacramento ca

Audio Video Display Installations

Just think only a 100 years ago, no one knew what television screens were or Audio Video Display Installations  and motor vehicles were brand new inventions owned only by the very rich or the most daring. Today, we have the technology to combine the two most influential devices in today’s society.

These inventions combine to create a portable entertainment center or work station. If you’re interested in equipping your vehicle with our mobile video technology, call Mr Security Camera today. We don’t just sell quality car video equipment we can also install; headphones, car DVD players, and alarms in trucks, cars, limos, and other vehicles.

We offer all services related to Audio Video Display Installations, for more information call Mr Security Camera today at (916) 672-2660

Audio Video Display Installations Sacramento California

Why install Audio and Video Display Equipment?

  • Entertainment—Anyone who has had children in a long car ride knows how extremely difficult it can be to keep them calm, especially once you reach hour six of never ending highway. When you have our video displays integrated into your car, all you have to do is drop in their favorite movie into your built in DVD player and relax. As the characters they love keep them from removing you of your sanity.
  • Business—With the help of our mobile video; training information, recordings of important meetings, and other work-related material can be reviewed on the road. Mobile electronics like car DVD players are also amazing for breaking the ice during awkward car pools or business trips. Car audio and video technology is also great way to entertain adults in limos, in buses, and even in your personal car while everyone is stuck in traffic. Just because you’re stuck in transit doesn’t mean it has to be frustrating!

Audio Video Display Installations Sacramento ca

The team at Mr Security Camera has more than 15 years of combined experience installing car Audio Video Display Installations. We offer a variety of screen mounting systems; drop down ceiling screens, screens built into the back of your headrests, and even your sun visors. Every detail is carefully considered in our installation design plan and will be approved by you. Prior to the project initiation to ensure that your mobile electronics are everything you desire and meet your appearance needs. Then, we will carefully connect the wires to make certain that they are protected and discreetly installed. Mounting screens seamlessly for a sleek, attractive appeal. Premier car audio and video designs even include customized upholstery, lighting, and fiberglass to give your car a complete new look. As well as a clear picture and crisp sound. Ask our in-car video technicians about systems that integrate specialty features such as:

  • iPod compatibility
  • Auxiliary inputs
  • Video game hookups
  • Touch-screen operation
  • Remote controls
  • Headphone connectivity
  • And more!

Audio Video Display Installations Sacramento ca.

When it comes to installing car audio and video you must make sure you receive only the most professional service. Amateurs often have a hard time with all of the complex electrical work necessary for a visually appealing car video installation. If you need to ensure flawless operation of your mobile video system and prevent causing any serious damage to the vehicle’s electrical system or appearance. You need the experts at Mr Security Camera(916)672-2660. For car audio and video display installations done right the first time, contact us now!



VoIP Telephone Line Installations

Hosted VOIP Sacramento CAMr. Security Camera can provide you with an affordable quote, an expedited installation and quality customer service. We are fully equipped and experienced to handle and install any VoIP system. Call us today at (916) 672-2660


VoIP Telephone Line Installations

Three Reasons why Business owners are switching over to a VoIP Phone System

VoIP Telephone Line – Business owners all over are starting to see the advantages to a VoIP phone system. Even those business that have been skeptical up until recently have talked to enough of peers to realize that a business can benefit greatly from having a VoIP and Telephone line installed into their business. After meeting with one of our specialized technicians you will find that we can customize any system to any business, we are also able to in many cases integrate the VoIP system VoIP and Telephone line  into your existing computer network.

Cost Reduction

Since a VoIP phone system doesn’t cost very much and is supported by a computer network, over priced phone equipment becomes obsolete.  Today’s advancements in VoIP phone systems allows business owners to reduce the cost of equipment while still obtaining the most advanced technology. These systems can be updated through a user interface thus eliminating the need of technical support. Users can simply be added or deleted from the system. Each user can personalize their profile to their own specific phone number, meaning that you no longer need a specialist to over see your telephone operations.

Office Data Wiring

Office Data Wiring

Increased Ability to Expand

When using a standard phone system it can be incredibly expensive when looking at the expansion of a company. And in many cases you become maxed out one equipment capacity. Now with a VoIP phone system installed you can accommodate any influx in new users and ensure that your expansion is not bottled necked by equipment costs.

Manage Several Locations

When overseeing several locations it can become a little cumbersome trying to stay on top of all the complexities of inter-location communications. VoIP systems allow you to not only monitor but recorder all interaction between locations or branches.  Call transfers are seamless and can be done without impact on the person calling in.  VoIP phone systems can be updated remotely from any location that can access said interface. Lines can be answered from any location, this allows you to have a mobile work force. Imagine anyone being able to reach your business anytime, night or day.


 VoIP and Telephone Line Installations

Time Clock System Installations

Time Clock System Installations

Time Clock Systems

Time Clock Systems – Keeping employees time cards can be a hassle and hard to manage. There are ways to make this responsibility easier to manage and less of an issue. Mr. Security Camera has a wide range of time clock systems, ranging from the traditional punch clock, to the high tech bio-metric systems that you can choose from.

All of the following systems are great options for any business, so if you are interested in a free estimate call Mr Security Camera at 916-672-2660

Time Clock System Installations

Every business is different so it may be necessary to choose a simpler time clock system, such as a punch clock which allows you to take a time card, stamping

it with the date and time. You may want to install a web base employee log in system because you have a higher volume of employees.

Mr. Security Camera knows it can be a hassle to change and implement a new system in your business, so we have decided to offer the installation and the classes to help you, and your employees learn whatever system you decide upon.

Types of Time Clock Systems

• Punch Clocks
• Computerized time clock systems
• Biometric systems
• Self Totaling time clocks
• Web based systems

digital Time Clock System Installation sacramento

Voice Data Wiring Installations

Voice and Data Wiring Installation sacramento ca

Voice – Data Wiring Installations

Voice Data Wiring Installations – Mr. Security Camera has been providing voice and and data wiring installations, set up & maintenance solutions and network solutions to Sacramento business owners for several years. We can design a speedy Ethernet network to your specific needs. If you already have a network infrastructure in place we can relocate or upgrade the existing network in no time at all.

It is vital to many companies to have internet or data running through to their computers at all times. And without phone lines many offices would not be able to conduct their day to day business.  We can expedite the process of getting that set up for you if you run into any problems or need something solved immediately.

Data and Network wiring can be a hassle, be sure to call the pros at Mr. Security Camera. We can be reached at 916-672-2660

Voice  Data Wiring Installations sacramento california

Despite the project size, by choosing to use Mr. Security Camera you are choosing to get a high level of commitment and customer service. We realize that no two installations are the same and we take the appropriate precautions to make sure that our clients receive the best possible custom solution network and wiring solution.

From the moment you call to have your network built for you until our technicians drive away from a completed job, you will not be sorry that you chose us for your Voice & Data wiring needs.

Voice Data Wiring Installation sacramento ca

Access Control System Installations

Access Control System Installations Sacramento ca.

Access Control System Installations

Access Systems Control

Access Control System Installations Sacramento ca.

Access Control Systems utilize technology and procedures to maintain access for whom is able to go where and when they may enter that area. An Access Control System is made of: input/output devices to manipulate ingress/egress (doors, windows, and related equipment) systems. In order, to maintain and manipulate information regarding a known risk system and to manage information regarding personnel there is a central database. An Access Control System has multiple components: (Doors) entryways, locking devices (Locks), sensors to monitor if the door is open or closed. Verification devices are used to properly identify authorized users, and devices to allow exiting from the secure area to the outside. Notification Protocols contained in an external system to control devices within the system such as a PC.

Call Mr Security Camera (916) 672-2660 to assist you with the complete installation and facilitation of your custom access control system.

Biometric Access Control System

Biometric Access Control System

Access Control Systems benefit using technology within accordance in clearly defined and carefully built security procedures allow an organization to create a highly effective means of managing risk. Risk management is when an organization is able to minimize their vulnerability to losses. Companies without effective means to manage risk, and associated costs often see a severe impact in short-term profits and a rise in costs to offset losses.

Access Control Systems require four basic technologies in order to function adequately; PC (personal computer) to manage overall system control of all input devices (devices that detect conditions or events not specifically a door) Access Control doors and the related peripherals, including card readers, keypads, etc. Output Devices are items that respond directly to the input devices. (How they interact is explained below.)

Bio-Metric Scanner

Bio-Metric Scanner

System Architecture

Before we examine specific Access Control components, we will discuss briefly the architecture involved in an Access Control System. The systems architecture has three basic levels: field controllers, entry/exit devices, and the head end. The “head end” provides the system management capability for all the devices in the network and related information. The “Head End” is typically a personal computer (PC) that receives input information and initiates a signal at the appropriate locations with Basic Access Control Technologies devices. Operator interfacing takes place at the head end (PC).

In most systems now, field controllers, reside between the PC and the entry/exit devices; field controllers provide most of the moment-to-moment controls for the Access Control System. In older systems without the use of intelligent field controllers the PC almost exclusively provided these controls, and when a fault occurs and the (PC) head end goes offline, the entire system became unresponsive. Thankfully today this is not the case. In today’s systems, when the head end is offline, the field controllers ensure the system continues to operate in an effective manner.

Entry/Exit Devices are the “end-of-the-line” components. Working with field controllers, these low level components are able to provide minimal decision making capability independent (PC), to ensure a basic usage of Access Control functionality in case of a fault.

Access Control System Installations Sacramento ca

Head End (PC)

The PC functions as a control unit for the system. The PC receives processes and relays data to other devices within the Access Control network. It provides the operator a display to monitor system and day to day operations. In addition, the PC provides the operator a means to “interrogate” the system thoroughly, meaning the operator is able to request specific information about the status of the system and any of the devices within the system. They can also initiate specific actions at any specified location within the system from the Head End.

The PC also stores data and allows the operator to retrieve information, create reports, and back-up any data. In the larger applications requiring advanced systems there may be multiple control units (PC)s located throughout the system. It also should be noted that as we design security systems we prefer to have Access Control systems built on a its own Local Area Network (LAN). This provides significant advantages over the systems which exist on an organization’s main LAN.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Field Controllers

These days, security/surveillance systems are networked together. More importantly, they feature “distributed architectures.” This basically means that instead of having all processing capabilities residing at the head end (PC), processing is “distributed” at many points throughout the network. Field controllers provide this additional processing.

A field controller contains:  a CPU (central processing unit), Network communications capability, I/O (input/output) modules (printed circuit boards), card reader modules (printed circuit boards).

Field controllers allow the system to continue to function when the head end (PC) is temporarily unavailable or if another section in the system is down. If this happens, the field controllers store all event activity in order to upload later to the head end (PC) once the system is functional again. If a field controller has requirement for additional information to process a command, it can request information from the head end (PC). Additionally, scheduled exchanges of required data between the head end (PC) and the field controllers allow tracking for events to be logged into history and the current information made available to the field controllers. Also note, our security networks are custom designed to use the industry standard communications protocols. This ensures high level of reliability and minimum down time in the event of component failures.

Access Control System Installations Sacramento california

Input Devices

Input devices are connected to Access Control Systems and any detector which reports their status to a PC electronically. The purpose is to provide data to the processor in regards to the current conditions at any given location.  Typically they include a wide range of detector types, including: glass break detectors, motion detectors, panic buttons, temperature monitors, ETC.

In addition, to the devices listed above there are additional functioning items that physically reside near or on a door. These devices provide data specifically related to if the door’s open or closed.

Each of these devices provides data directly to the head end (PC) The Head end (PC) can perform a variety of analysis, the modern user interfaces and a wide range of output options.

Access Control System Installations Sacramento

Access Doors and Related Peripherals

There are many intricate devices designed in order to control the status of a door. These devices include; door contact switches place requests with exit devices, card readers and/or keypad devices. Door position indicators show the current status of a door and reveal whether it’s open or closed. They are basic electrical devices, by completing a circuit when the door is closed.

Request exit devices are simple electrical switches. These devices are used to indicate someone inside the secured side of the Access Control Door wants to have the door unlocked. This action is typically reported to the PC.

Keypads and Card Readers are perhaps they are the most sophisticated door peripherals used in operation of a Control System. These particular devices, usually exist as a integrated or single unit

Finally, each Access Control door is equipped with a locking mechanism. Either an magnetic lock or electric door strike which can be manipulated by a field controller.

Card Readers and Keypads Card

Keypad Card Readers and Card Readers are devices that read data from the users supplied card. There are a wide variety of distinct media used for these cards: proximity (active or passive), magnetic stripe, bar code, Passive proximity cards, all contain electronic circuitry (including an antennas) which stores the ID data. Each time these cards pass near a reader, then electrical energy radiating from the reader charges the circuitry in the card. Then the circuitry transmits the data (ID information) on the card to the reader. Each card proximity card maintains its own power source. This “on-board” power supply their by increases the range.  Proximity card technology is easy-to use and provides a high level of security. Each card stores information in a unique fashion.



Phone Systems – Hosted-VOIP – PBX Phone System Installations

Hosted VOIP Sacramento CA

Phone Systems Installations

When looking into phone system installations or solutions for your business you will be facing one of the more vital decisions you can make for your company.  Hard phone lines are still considered to be one of the more important tools and assets a business can possess today.

Having an efficient way of handling incoming calls and insuring the ability for a client to be able to reach you at all times, while being able to discard unwanted solicitation, can be detrimental to a business and the owner’s time. Hybrid phone systems have come a long way. You can now monitor intercom communication between your employees and the have the ability to transfer phone calls internally and play audio recordings while clients are on hold.

Contact MrSecurity Camera today at 916-672-2660 for a free estimate on installs of a PBX phone system or costs of a hosted VOIP system.

PBX Phone Installation Sacramento CA

PBX Phone Systems have made quite a few advances in today’s digital market, prices have decreased while features have drastically increased. Digital systems now have the ability to handle several wireless headsets and provide remote programming and monitoring. Being able to monitor all out going phone calls and internal communication of employees and staff opens a whole new world to the business owner. It means you can now handle employees accountable at all times for their interaction with others while representing your business.


One of the more inexpensive and effective ways to run your businesses telephone system through a data or internet connection. The initials costs of equipment, software and installation however can be very costly. Several companies have taken the load of that responsibility into their hands by coming in and installing their equipment while handling the strenuous task of running the necessary cables through your building. They also handle the hosting and maintenance of the network.

Hosted VOIP Sacramento CA


For a good read on the differences between Hosted or installed VOIP visit here.

Data Wiring – Structured Cabling – Networking Installations

Wiring and Network installations

Data WiringStructured Cabling – Networking Installations:

Data Wiring – Structured Cabling – Networking Installations: The initial investment in your network infrastructure can be crucial to the development and protection of the future of your company. Whether it be a relocation, or a renovation Mr. Security Camera is there to assist in your Data Wiring needs. If you are expanding a facility we will ensure that your data wiring needs are met and exceeded.

Mr. Security Camera can be reached around the clock for wiring solutions or trouble shooting. Please feel free to give us a call at any time at 916-672-2660

Voice Data Wiring Installations sacramento

Data Wiring – Structured Cabling – Networking Installations: The majority of business today rely so much on wires and don’t realize that there can be quite a difference in the quality of equipment, installation and service. This quality can make or break a company. If you are unable to communicate effectively with your clients, or your internet speed is inconsistent and fails you at times, then it will reduce your efficiency and can cost you revenue in the long run. Don’t suffer from inadequate wiring. Give us a call today at 916-672-2660 for a free estimate. And let our professional technicians customize a system that best fits your company’s needs and goals.


Wiring and Network installations Sacramento CA

There are a wide variety of resources available today, as a business owner you can no longer afford to procrastinate on the building of your network infrastructure.  We can provide the most cost effective data wiring solutions. We will create a customize infrastructure for you that will not limit your business and will improve your success

By having a data wiring infrastructure you will be taking a step in the right direction and will be staying ahead of the game. The convienance of this technology will supercede any costs associated with the service or equipment Data Wiring – Structured Cabling – Networking Installations.

Voice and Data Wiring Installations sacramento

Intercom System Installations

Intercom System Installations Sacramento

Intercom System Installations

An intercom system installations also known as an intercommunication devicedoorphone or talkback is a standalone voice communications system. These systems are used in a buildings and/or a small collection of buildings. Each intercom functions independently of the nation’s public telephone network.

These talkback systems are permanently mounted in vehicles and buildings. Intercommunication devices can incorporate walkie-talkies, telephones, public address loudspeaker systems, and other intercom systems. High-end intercom systems can incorporate the control of devices like door latches and single lights.

Intercom Systems can be complicated to install into any building. Call Mr Security Camera (916)672-2660 for your free estimate.

Intercom System Installations sacramento ca

The Essential Intercom Terms

Master Station (Base Station) – This is the control unit within the system it can initiate calls or make announcements over the entire system

Sub-station (Slave Units) – Units capable of only initiating a call with the Master Station but, not capable of initiating calls with other stations.

Door Station – Like the a Sub-station, these units are only able to initiate a call to a Master Station. They are typically weather-proof and used in outdoor settings.

Intercom Station – Full-featured remote unit that is capable of initiating and receiving group conversation, individual conversation and signaling. These may be mounted on a rack, wall or just be portable.

Wall Mount Station – Are fixed position intercoms stations with a built-in loudspeaker. The have flush mounted microphones, handheld talk microphones or telephone style handsets.

Belt Pack – Portable intercom stations worn on a belt.

Handset – Are permanent or portable telephone style connection to an intercom station. Handsets hold both a push to talk microphone and an earpiece.

Headset – Is a portable intercom connection connected to a belt pack to use both ears or just one via headphones with a built in microphone on a boom arm.

Paging Signal – This is an audible and/or visual alert at the intercom station, indicating that someone else at another station wants to initiate conversation.

Power Supply – Are used to feed power to all units within the system. The power supply is usually incorporated into the design of the master station.

Intercom System Installations Sacramento

Doorphone Systems have been used in various residential buildings for the last sixty years. These systems basically required for any warehouse, building, retail store or office that requires the security in who is entering or exiting their premises. Basic intercom systems allow for voice communication between two places, it also allows entry to the residence or office with the click of a button.

Now, most standard intercom systems have integrated cameras which allow visual confirmation of the individual you are talking to is who you believe them to be. Also the camera integration gives uses the ability to screen uninvited guests and unwanted solicitors before answering the door. Some of our cameras have the ability to record directly to a Digital Video Recording device and connect to an Access Control System.  Intercom systems provide a secure residents and work place for tenant and visitors.



Hidden Camera Installations

Hidden Camera Installations Sacramento ca

Hidden Camera Installations

Its sneaking across the nation providing everyone with eyes in unsuspecting places. Leaving others to act freely and unassuming. Mr Security Camera is keeping accountability alive, one Hidden Camera Installations at a time…

Mr Security Camera stays up on all of the most advanced hidden cameras. Call Mr Security Camera for information or installation of Hidden Camera’s (916) 672-2660

Hidden Camera Installations Sacramento

Hidden Camera Installations Sacramento caWho Uses Hidden Cameras

Hidden security cameras are not just for international spies anymore, with the advancements in technology. You don’t have to be James Bond to have hidden cameras within pen’s or an alarm clock. With the drastic developments of technology hidden surveillance is more accessible and affordable than ever. Many homes and small business are utilizing hidden security systems to enhance the protection of their interests, employees, and most importantly their family. Owning a security system creates greater protection against intruders and thieves. Adding a hidden camera surveillance system is a covert way to remotely monitor any home or business. These systems provide a personal protection against theft and a priceless preservation of family or business.

A main group of consumers looking for protection are parents of young children. It is becoming far more common that in many homes, both parents work in order to sustain a sufficient lifestyle for their children. This necessitates the hiring of a nanny or a child care professional, which is extremely concerning to say the least. Even if a babysitter or nanny has excellent references, he/she can still pose a substantial risk to your child. Parents set on protecting their children from abuse and negligence are choosing to invest in hidden camera systems. In recent years this has become so popular that hidden security cameras are often being called “nanny cams”.

Hidden Camera Installations Sacramento ca.

In addition to defending your children against being mistreated, the installation of a hidden home security camera allows parents who wish to watch their children during the day. Many parents worry incessantly about their children and family while they are at work. Having a way to check in on your children can help to soothe your separation anxiety and concerns.

Besides ensuring parents about the safety of their children by creating a sense of security, protecting homes and businesses from intruders and thieves, a hidden camera can have many beneficial uses. In a house where contractors are consistently remodeling and working, it can be advantageous to bring in cameras to protect the home and family.  Or while you’re on vacation you can use your camera as a house sitter to create peace of mind in your absence.


Types of Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are quite diverse in terms of their design and application within the house. Many hidden cameras are actually housed in fully functional appliances and household objects. Among the popular designs for hidden cameras are tissue boxes, alarm clocks, soda cans, air fresheners, wall clocks, digital picture frames, smoke detectors, desk lamps, carbon monoxide detectors, and even books. They have also developed a wide variety of outdoor cameras including but not limited to bird feeders, mailboxes, peepholes, and hard-to-find tree cams.

 Hidden Camera Installations Sacramento

The video cameras can also differentiate in their tech specs, some cameras can transmit in black and white or color. Many cameras use wireless networks to transmit signals to receivers or computers, while some still work on old-fashioned closed circuit television system.  While, Resolution of images vary as does movement capabilities and adaptability.

Some cameras are consistently monitoring a room, while other hidden cameras are activated by motion detectors. Most of these nanny cams don’t include audio. However, if sound essential and you cannot live without it, few cameras exist that make your selection a top priority. The recording and broadcasting capabilities of these hidden cameras diverge as well as we discussed before. There is so much variability in Nanny Cams that they need to be carefully researched to fit the needs of your family.



Nanny Cam Installations

Nanny Camera Installations sacramento

Nanny Cam Installations

With several  nanny cam installations available and on the market today, there are many choices for those that would like to protect their little ones. What is a nanny cam? You might be asking and how necessary is it. Read on and find out how helpful and functional nanny cams are. This will allow you to make the right choice of nanny cam for your appropriate needs. Only you can decide which set up is going to be the best for you.

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Nanny Camera Installations sacramento


Several definitions regarding nanny cams exist, but it’s the same idea across the board. The most common definition of a nanny cam is: “A Nanny Cam is a type of surveillance device that is concealed to the naked eye”

Nanny Camera Installations

One of the most common end results from this conclusion is that nanny cams are used by individuals that have issues with paranoia or are desperate to force control over a situation. This is a common misconception. Nanny cams are typically used by small-scale and major operations for private or commercial applications. With crime consistently on the rise, there is desire and need for these devices. There is no end to a person’s need for a security camera that is undetected. A great commercial application is when you own a packing and shipping facility and are experiencing frequent accounts of stolen freight. Install a nanny cam, the problem will be solved and the perpetrator is on his or her way to jail. The most common residential application is where the name “nanny cam” came from. Imagine being able to make sure that the “nanny” or child care provider is appropriately watching over and guiding your little ones. By calling “Mr. Security Camera” about a nanny cam you are taking a step in the direction of ensuring the safety of you children.

Imaging being at work and simply being able to sign into a network and monitor your baby’s room. This will give you peace of mind and makes you fully aware of all happenings around the home. Some parents have come home to see that their little ones have bruises and there is no explanation for it. Now you can find answers. Were they just being kids and acquired the bruise naturally or do you have a nanny that shouldn’t be trusted around kids.

Nanny Cam Installations sacramento ca

If a hidden nanny cam’s footage reveals that their small child is being treated badly by a nanny or caretaker, you will have solid evidence to turn over to the authorities. You will now be able to press charges and keep a dangerous person away from other children. Many parents have suspected abuse and realize that they need to safeguard their home. After doing so they no longer have to be concerned about their children’s welfare while they are away.

You can have a nanny cam record to an external device like a DVR. Which can then be tied into a network, so that you can view your home and happenings at all times.



Tamper Proof Camera Installations

Tamper Proof Cameras sacramento ca

Tamper Proof Camera

Having a good Tamper Proof Camera and security system is a key part of surveillance for your business or home. Security Cameras add more than just another alarm system, They give the owner the ability to see what’s going on outside their home while they are away. They are also used as a means of evidence when vandalism or theft takes place on the property.

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Tamper Proof Cameras sacramento ca

Security cameras have become highly advanced, equipped with excellent graphic capabilities, giving the camera’s images to be zoomed in on making it easier for perpetrators to be identified and caught. In the past you were never able to protect the camera from the vandals, making it difficult to keep your cameras safe. Vandals know how to vandalize and destroy some of the most commonly-sold security devices that are less optimal. Thankfully you have Mr. Security Camera to help you, bringing you a camera protected from vandals giving you relief that you deserve while you may be away.

The most common and popular type of vandal proof camera is the dome-shaped camera. When thinking about a security camera most people think about small device equipped with a lens, pasted to a block. Those types of cameras are designed to cover one specific area. Since vandals can take one look and know where the camera is directed towards, allowing them to simply avoid that area, pull the camera down and disabling it by detaching the visible wires. A dome camera gives a better option to both problems. The dome shaped camera makes it easier to fit on any surface, giving it a smoother inconspicuous look. The glass making the dome that covers the actual camera offers protection if someone tries to smash it.

Tamper Proof Camera sacramento ca

Another popular type of tamper proof cameras is the rotating head camera. The look to these security cameras are similar to dome-shaped cameras, but they have a few more unique features. The only down side to these security cameras are that they are more expensive because of those features. The rotating head camera looks like a dome equipped with a small lens that can be maneuvered around using a remote control. Some of these systems are hooked up to a special system designed to maneuver only the camera.

Some advanced models may be able to be accessed by a home computer or a WiFi enabled device such as a smart-phone. These security cameras can come with a feature that allows you to set in on random rotate. They can be set to rotate at a specific times as well as randomly rotating. If a vandal approaches a home or business with one of these cameras and has any knowledge of security devices, they will move on, knowing it is not worth the effort. All the wiring for these types of security cameras are secured inside a metal casing that is shaped like a tall dome. The small lens at the end of the camera is made to be extremely durable and is pushed in a tube that has a metal casing protecting it from any vandal.

Most tamper proof security cameras come equipped with a powerful zoom allowing it to give you a clean, clear picture. These security cameras are the cameras that will give you eyes in every direction, giving you that peace of mind and security we all seek while were away or asleep.

Tamper Proof Cameras sacramento ca.

Both the rotating head camera and dome shaped camera are amazing cameras for any type of building whether it is your home or your business. While these types of cameras are more expensive they are still cheap when coming to protecting your home from any unwanted perpetrator that may want to harm your property.


Night Vision Camera Installations

Night Vision Camera Installation sacramento ca.

Night Vision Camera Installations


There are many security cameras for one to use in this industry. One of the most popular security cameras out there are the night vision security cameras because they watch over your property at night while you are either away from your home or just sleeping in your room. We all have to sleep it is a part of our daily routine, so during this time we are unable to be watchful of our surroundings with out help. That is where our night vision security  cameras come in handy.

For more information on Night Vision Camera Installations Call Mr Security Camera (916) 672-2660. We also provide a complete evaluation and estimate for free.

Night Vision Camera Install sacramento ca.



They surveillance your property while you may be out of town or sleeping in your bed. With our night vision security cameras you get that comfort and peace of mind that someone is watching over your property for you while you may not be. These essential keys are the reason why night vision security cameras are as popular with our customer’s as they are.

Night Vision Camera Installation sacramento ca.


Choosing good security camera for your home is always a difficult decision, but with us there is no better choice. With the best technology and the most update cameras you will get the service you need and deserve. With our night vision security cameras you will have the clearest cameras on the market with the best options available for you.

 night vision camera installation sacramento ca

 Our night vision security cameras come equipped with IR illuminators that can see in complete darkness, and provide perfected video performance in the worst of conditions. Night vision security cameras use light that has wavelengths go farther than 700 nanometers, which in most cases are invisible to the human eye. Mr. security camera offers a wide range of night vision camera options including  850 nm and 940 nm infrared wavelength for ‘no glow’ . An infrared camera is perfect for night applications or for video surveillance in poor lighting conditions. Many of our IR cameras feature infrared illumination using photocell activation, which automatically switches on and off the camera’s illuminators as lighting conditions change.

night vision camera installation sacramento


For more information on Night Vision Camera Installations Call Mr Security Camera (916) 672-2660. We also provide a complete evaluation and estimate for free.



Digital Video Recorder Installation

Wireless DVR Camera Installation sacramento ca

Digital Video Recorder Installation

Commercial Digital Data and Voice Security

Commercial Digital Data and Voice Security

Don’t let the security of your home or business come compromised. If you have a CCTV system and do not have a digital video recording device, call Mr Security Camera today (916) 672-2660

In the past, security cameras operated a lot differently with out the integration of Digital Video Recorder Installation into the network. They tended to be close circuit recorded using a transmit video that transferred all of its data to a television and was recorded by a VCR. With the advancement of DVDs and DVRs, VCR videotapes have become all but obsolete and are no longer a practical means of recording video on.

Tapes also tend to take up space and clutter an area, this space can better be utilized by not having to store tapes or a bulky VCR. VCR‘s lack subtlety and in many cases are accidentally turned off. And it’s very simple to accidentally record over a VCR recording, this increases the possibility of evidence being deleted and lost forever. Aside from the size and outdated technology, Videotapes are a gamble at best when it comes to catching an intruder or anyone else that is a threat to your security.

Digital Video Recorder Installations Sacramento

With technology evolving daily the methods of storing videos has improved drastically over the last couple of years. Sophisticated camera systems now have a call for a far better method of recording and viewing important surveillance videos. In most cases recordings are now saved by a digital video recorder or DVR. You will find that DVRs are far more accurate and convenient for several reasons and provide a higher degree of efficiency and quality. When files are stored digitally, they take up very little “space”. And the physical dimensions of a DVR are are much smaller then their previous counterparts.

Recording/Transmissions can be organized easily in any variation of date/time and/or camera view. In addition to the convenience of storage, sophisticated software allows you to edit and view transmissions very conveniently, this allows better visibility of a scene that has been captured by a surveillance system. DVRs and quality CCTV systems have changed everything. It has made the difference between catching a thief or staring blankly at a blurry video thinking to your self.. “is that a man or a woman? I can’t tell.”. Digital Recording has begun to let many create a safer world and environment for themselves one Affordable Digital Video Recorder at a time.

Audio Video Display Installations Sacramento California

Who Needs a Digital Video Recorder?

There are several people who could benefit from the use of a digital video recorder Installation. An important element in considering the right DVR for your needs is its functionality and ability to integrate with your current interface. If you have a security camera system installed it is recommended that you save the video transmissions on a digital video recorder for later viewing if you are not doing so already. There are several applications where a security camera system should be installed including but not limited to: homeowners with valuable property inside their homes or have little ones that would like to feel more confident in the security of their lives.



Business owners who want to protect their business from losses to employees and/or thief’s should invest in a quality CCTV system. Large institutions like prisons, hospitals or even schools have the need to monitor activities in hallways, cells, classrooms or patient rooms, these institution can save a lot of unnecessary costs by replacing security guards with a surveillance system. Digital Video Recorders help to expedite the process of reviewing and monitoring an area effectively. To start benefiting from the installation of a security camera system and/or Digital Video Recording Installations please call us today for a free estimate.

Audio Video Display Installations Sacramento ca

Types of Digital Video Recorders

There are several different types of Digital Video Recorders, each will provide a different experience when it comes to the monitoring of your CCTV system. Many systems come with the ability to be viewed remotely over the internet from anywhere in the world. For many individuals this function is a must, for others it is a bit excessive. There are systems that allow for the ability to be integrated into your cash registers or POS systems. There are Digital Video Recorders that can be integrated with an access control system. Others can be scheduled to record certain time blocks. DVRs are set up in such a way that it makes the task of finding a thief easier for local law enforcement. As mentioned before there are several different types of Digital Video Recorders, any number of them could be a good fit for you. If you would like a free consultation to find out what would be a good fit for your unique application please call us today.

Audio Video Display Installations Sacramento ca.

How do Digital Video Recorders work? You might be asking…

DVRs work hand in hand with surveillance systems. A surveillance camera system transmits audio or video (or both) to a Digital Video Recorder, the DVR then stores the information on an integrated or removable storage device (IE.  hard drive, USB flash drive, etc.). You
are then able to review the file on a television or integrated device.

These systems often include the ability to edit the video, increasing the sharpness, allowing you to better see facial features while also being able to zoom in on specific characteristics that may be important to you. By having all of your cameras transmit to the same digital recording device you will be able to efficiently review and store files for up to several months at a time. Remote Access allows a home/business owner to view their home or place of business from anywhere in the world. This now means you can go on vacation and still manage your business while drinking a Mai Tai on the beach.



Surveillance System Installations

Hidden Camera Installations Sacramento ca

Do I need a Surveillance System Installation?

What is a Surveillance System Installation?  

Surveillance System Installations – Imagine being anywhere in the world and having “eyes in the back of your head” or ears that hear what others do not. What if you could “see through walls”, or see in the dark? Imagine being able to do it without anyone noticing. It wouldn’t make you a super hero; it would just mean that you were intelligent enough to invest in a surveillance system.

If you have invested in a Camera System you’re ahead of the curve and are already recording, saving and remembering anything and everything that happens in or around your home or business. When you install one of our surveillance systems, you will have taken one of the first steps in protecting your way of life. By integrating a security system with surveillance equipment you will maximize your defense against those that would try to threaten your security.

For more information on a complete installation of a Surveillance System Call Mr Security Camera (916) 672-2660.

 surveillance system sacramento ca

Who needs a surveillance system installed?

Family Surveillance Systems

If you have a family, then you have more to lose than anyone. You have worked hard to attain your property and life style. And you have children that you cherish more than anything in the world. It only makes sense to add as much security to your kingdom as possible. You can see what’s going on at your home while you’re away. It will never again be a concern of whether or not your Nanny is influencing  your children the way they should be. With the installation of a CCTV surveillance system you will be protecting your precious items from burglars, intruders and other threats to you and your families’ security.


Small Businesses and Surveillance

If you own a small business ,  you are in a position to lose everything, since you are  not a corporation that can lose thousands of dollars without flinching. All it takes is a few big losses in a month and you end up looking at the books wondering what happened and how you’re going to catch up. The smaller you are the more you need to protect your business and assets. Imagine being able to sit pool side at your home  and rely on a Surveillance System to display all aspects  of your business all the way down to the POS. That’s right keep track of your Point Of Sale with a surveillance system. Keep your employees honest and thief’s under the radar and traceable. Imagine being able to record and track the license plates of every individual that drives into your parking lot. Or being able to hand over a clear picture of a perp and evidence of his/her dishonesty to your local law enforcement. It reduces the risk of loss to your business and increases your confidence in being a business owner.  Call us today for a free estimate on a surveillance system installation and take the first step in protecting yourself.

surveillance cameras sacramento


Large Corporations Surveillance Systems

If you own a large corporation you have probably experienced several losses since the day you started your business, from bad investments down to the stealing of office supplies by your employees. Imagine being able to record every moment with a surveillance system and go back and “remember” everything with crystal clear clarity.  Large corporations are usually the first to experience break-ins, embezzlement and theft. As a large corporation you stand to lose a lot of money and in many cases, without even realizing it until after it’s too late. Call us “Mr. Security Camera” for a free estimate and a custom Surveillance System Installation. Start protecting your self today and reduce the possibility of anything catastrophic happening to your business.

Medical Facilities Surveillance Systems

A medical facility typically has an open door policy; anyone can walk in and request service or request to see a patient. With such a policy it only makes sense to be able to monitor the happenings of visitors into such a facility. By installing a surveillance system you will be protecting the patients the staff visitors and mostly important the doctors. Start protecting your medical facility and your staff, call us for a security camera system today.

surveillance systems sacramento ca


Apartment Buildings Surveillance Systems

When you own an apartment building you soon learn that there are sometimes problems with domestic disputes, break-ins, along with other disturbances. Realistically it’s impossible to monitor your property 24 hours a day.  Install a surveillance system and start seeing what goes on at all times of the day, even when you’re not there.


School Surveillance Systems

If your child goes to a public school it is probably a small concern always in the back of your mind as to whether or not you can trust the school system with such a precious aspect of your life. We are in an age where some adults want to threaten their safety. By installing a surveillance system into a school you are protecting the children from not only outside influences but from inside influences as well. You are able to make sure the teachers are using curriculum that is suitable for today’s youth and also to make sure that they are providing an environment conducive to the best possible education of your children. See your local PTA  about installing   surveillance systems in your school.

There are many different types of Surveillance Systems. 

Which is the best for you?
When considering the best system for yourself there are a few things to consider. How much is your budget going to be? How effective do you need your surveillance system to be? (Do you need to see specific detail or do you just need to make sure that the nanny is not teaching your children how to climb on the counters?). Does your technology need to be the best of the best or does your surveillance system just need to make sure that your employees are getting into the safe. Whatever your needs are we will customize a system to your budget and your needs.

surveillance system installations sacramento


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Some types of systems to consider will be a Closed Circuit Television or CCTV System.
This is the most traditional form of surveillance systems. This is a system that you will typically see in liquor stores, malls, store parking lots, residential applications etc.

Wired Digital

A wired Digital Camera works the same as a CCTV system except it ties directly into your computer and gives you the ability to edit audio and video and is connected to the main power system of your house or building


Wireless Digital

A wireless digital surveillance system will transmit video and audio through a wireless connection so that you can review the images of a single camera remotely this technology is new and still in the developmental stages.  However there are added benefits such as not having to run wires through your home or business and its also less detectable.


Hidden surveillance system installations are on the rise, especially when pertaining to child care. A Hidden camera or nanny cam are legal and can help to protect your belongings or children without being detected.

Hidden Camera Installations Sacramento ca

How Surveillance Systems Work

If you’re wondering how a Surveillance System Works then look no further. Although there are many variations of security systems and the way that they work, they all operate under similar principles. A camera monitors and transmits and video/audio signal, that signal in most cases is received by a recording device, such as a hard drive on a computer or a digital video recorder. Your videos are then stored on that device and can be reviewed at a later date. A surveillance system can be integrated with just about any other security system, access control panel or POS system on today’s market.


Call your professionals  “Mr Security Camera” to install your system today! (916) 672-2660

Remote Monitoring System Installations

Mobile monitoring iphone security camera sacramento

Remote Monitoring System Installations

Your family has 2 separate ways to view your Surveillance Camera System on a Remote Monitoring System Installations away from home:

Call Mr Security Camera to establish your remote or mobile monitoring systems at (916) 672-2660

Mobile monitoring iphone security camera sacramento

Mobile Video Surveillance

All smartphones now have applications such as Ivideon, Ispyconnect, and ETC. to give users access on their mobile phone. These applications while not as robust as what is available via computer are capable of giving you access to view your camera live and listen to audio. Mobile video surveillance may also allow you to define the camera position. These applications are becoming more advanced by the day, constantly receiving updates and providing more features.

remote monitoring sacramento

Remote Video Surveillance

When using a laptop or a desktop computer you have access to your surveillance system. These services are the complete package they give you the ability take recorded film and email information to others or adjust any camera settings. This is remote interface giving you complete control over your home security cameras. Allowing you to keep your eye on what is most important, your family.

Mr Security Camera has established countless remote and mobile monitoring systems providing our clients the ability to view their cameras from virtually anywhere. Using high speed internet and a wireless DVR system with a Dynamic IP address you can view your property “On the Go”. Our Remote Viewing systems allow you to use your laptop, desktop or smartphone to view your cameras anytime and anywhere you have service.

Remote Access system sacramento

Currently the industry standard for exemplary quality is H.264 compression this allows the system to transfer data seemingly seamlessly and store data 3x longer than older systems with an equal amount of storage. Here at Mr Security Camera we always suggest our clients take advantage of H.264 compression to ensure they receive only the best quality when viewing from your DVR monitor or your mobile device.

These DVRs use your Dynamic IP address to connect directly to services like Symbian and WinCE, ETC. systems This allows you to use your smartphone, laptop and/or desktop for free. Many of our clients love the flexibility and peace of mind provided to view their home, pets, and even their children while they are away.

Imagine you leave your house for work in the morning your child goes off to middle school. Around 2 O’Clock right after they get out of school they head home. They call you to let you know their home… So you jump on your smartphone and pull up your surveillance system. At this point you may see them go home. You can keep a watchful eye on your kids while you’re at the office.

Remote Monitoring System Installations sacramento

The peace of mind and sense of security Mr Security Camera provides you and your family is virtually priceless. Having the ability to see exactly what is happening around and inside your home at any time.