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Mr Security Camera Installation Services

Mr Security Camera Installation Services
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Digital Video Recorder Installation

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Commercial Digital Data and Voice Security

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In the past, security cameras operated a lot differently with out the integration of Digital Video Recorder Installation into the network. They tended to be close circuit recorded using a transmit video that transferred all of its data to a television and was recorded by a VCR. With the advancement of DVDs and DVRs, VCR videotapes have become all but obsolete and are no longer a practical means of recording video on.

Tapes also tend to take up space and clutter an area, this space can better be utilized by not having to store tapes or a bulky VCR. VCR‘s lack subtlety and in many cases are accidentally turned off. And it’s very simple to accidentally record over a VCR recording, this increases the possibility of evidence being deleted and lost forever. Aside from the size and outdated technology, Videotapes are a gamble at best when it comes to catching an intruder or anyone else that is a threat to your security.

Digital Video Recorder Installations Sacramento

With technology evolving daily the methods of storing videos has improved drastically over the last couple of years. Sophisticated camera systems now have a call for a far better method of recording and viewing important surveillance videos. In most cases recordings are now saved by a digital video recorder or DVR. You will find that DVRs are far more accurate and convenient for several reasons and provide a higher degree of efficiency and quality. When files are stored digitally, they take up very little “space”. And the physical dimensions of a DVR are are much smaller then their previous counterparts.

Recording/Transmissions can be organized easily in any variation of date/time and/or camera view. In addition to the convenience of storage, sophisticated software allows you to edit and view transmissions very conveniently, this allows better visibility of a scene that has been captured by a surveillance system. DVRs and quality CCTV systems have changed everything. It has made the difference between catching a thief or staring blankly at a blurry video thinking to your self.. “is that a man or a woman? I can’t tell.”. Digital Recording has begun to let many create a safer world and environment for themselves one Affordable Digital Video Recorder at a time.

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Who Needs a Digital Video Recorder?

There are several people who could benefit from the use of a digital video recorder Installation. An important element in considering the right DVR for your needs is its functionality and ability to integrate with your current interface. If you have a security camera system installed it is recommended that you save the video transmissions on a digital video recorder for later viewing if you are not doing so already. There are several applications where a security camera system should be installed including but not limited to: homeowners with valuable property inside their homes or have little ones that would like to feel more confident in the security of their lives.


Business owners who want to protect their business from losses to employees and/or thief’s should invest in a quality CCTV system. Large institutions like prisons, hospitals or even schools have the need to monitor activities in hallways, cells, classrooms or patient rooms, these institution can save a lot of unnecessary costs by replacing security guards with a surveillance system. Digital Video Recorders help to expedite the process of reviewing and monitoring an area effectively. To start benefiting from the installation of a security camera system and/or Digital Video Recording Installations please call us today for a free estimate.

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Types of Digital Video Recorders

There are several different types of Digital Video Recorders, each will provide a different experience when it comes to the monitoring of your CCTV system. Many systems come with the ability to be viewed remotely over the internet from anywhere in the world. For many individuals this function is a must, for others it is a bit excessive. There are systems that allow for the ability to be integrated into your cash registers or POS systems. There are Digital Video Recorders that can be integrated with an access control system. Others can be scheduled to record certain time blocks. DVRs are set up in such a way that it makes the task of finding a thief easier for local law enforcement. As mentioned before there are several different types of Digital Video Recorders, any number of them could be a good fit for you. If you would like a free consultation to find out what would be a good fit for your unique application please call us today.

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How do Digital Video Recorders work? You might be asking…

DVRs work hand in hand with surveillance systems. A surveillance camera system transmits audio or video (or both) to a Digital Video Recorder, the DVR then stores the information on an integrated or removable storage device (IE.  hard drive, USB flash drive, etc.). You
are then able to review the file on a television or integrated device.

These systems often include the ability to edit the video, increasing the sharpness, allowing you to better see facial features while also being able to zoom in on specific characteristics that may be important to you. By having all of your cameras transmit to the same digital recording device you will be able to efficiently review and store files for up to several months at a time. Remote Access allows a home/business owner to view their home or place of business from anywhere in the world. This now means you can go on vacation and still manage your business while drinking a Mai Tai on the beach.